Whoever speaks dies… Organized crime gangs in Europe target journalists and politicians

Video duration 24 minutes 25 seconds

There has been no topic in the Dutch and Belgian media for a while except drug gangs and organized crime in the two countries, which have become a serious threat to the lives of journalists, politicians and judges.

An episode of the “Al-Marsad” program (12/27/2021) sheds light on what these gangs have become. In the Netherlands, the authorities announced placing Prime Minister Mark Rutte under strict protection, after growing confirmed threats to target him, who is known for his popularity and his commute to his workplace by bicycle.

The assassination of the famous investigative journalist Peter de Vries in mid-July last revealed the extent of the danger of the “Micro Mafia” organization, which controls the sale of a third of the amount of cocaine in Western European countries.

The Dutch media has been opening the record of this dangerous gang, which raises the slogan “whoever speaks, dies”, and its threads extend from Europe to Latin America, and has so far carried out assassinations among lawyers and witnesses linked to the investigations into its crimes.

The episode of the “Al-Marsad” program also dealt with the following topics:

In the annual reports of international organizations – on the state of press freedoms during the year 2021 – fewer deaths, more prisoners, and legal obstacles, it has become a sport practiced by democracies as well.

The sound that accompanied the beginning of the Palestinian radio media; Mohamed El-Baz, and a long career journey since the mid-sixties between the ether microphone and the small screen.

The episode, as part of the “Video of the Week” segment, also showed a video clip of the countries of the North, where there is a huge stock of water, and impressive natural scenes.

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