Yemen.. UN Envoy: The recent military escalation is among the worst in years, and violations cannot continue without accountability


Today, Tuesday, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, considered that the latest military escalation is one of the worst that Yemen has witnessed in years, and called on the warring parties to immediately reduce the escalation.

“The major military escalation in Yemen is undermining the chances of reaching a sustainable political settlement to end the conflict in Yemen,” the UN envoy said in a statement.

Grundberg added that “the escalation in recent weeks is among the worst that Yemen has witnessed in years,” which, according to him, has increased the risk to civilians’ lives.

Grundberg explained that the air strikes of the Saudi-led coalition forces on Sanaa caused civilian casualties, as well as damaged civilian infrastructure and residential areas.

At the same time, the UN envoy considered that the continued Houthi “aggression” on Ma’rib caused civilian casualties, damage to civilian facilities, and the displacement of large numbers of residents.

Grundberg expressed his concern about the continued Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, which have also caused civilian casualties and damaged civilian infrastructure, he said.

Grundberg stressed that “any targeting of civilians and civilian facilities, as well as indiscriminate strikes by any of the actors is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, and it must stop immediately,” considering that violations of international humanitarian law and human rights laws cannot continue without accountability.

The UN envoy urged the warring parties to interact positively with the efforts of the United Nations, as well as maintain public infrastructure, stressing his readiness to work with everyone to find immediate solutions to reduce escalation and deal with urgent humanitarian needs.

And two weeks ago, he presented Grundberg Briefing to the UN Security Council, in which he said that He felt frustration over the failure of previous United Nations attempts to resolve the crisis, noting that the solution would not be sustainable if it did not represent the interests of Yemenis of all kinds, whether participating in the fighting or not.

A day earlier, Grundberg announced that he had held talks with Omani and Yemeni officials and a leader of the Houthi group in Muscat, to discuss holding a political dialogue with the aim of reaching a solution to the Yemen crisis.

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