Mercato winter bomb .. Ronaldo offers himself to Barcelona and asks to rent Messi’s house

It may be the winter Mercato bomb and the deal of the century if it happens, according to the newspaper.Mundo Deportivo“The Catalan, Cristiano Ronaldo offered himself to Barcelona to join the team next month, knowing that Barca is looking for a top scorer.

The Portuguese star contacted Xavi, the Catalan coach, a few days ago, through Gerard Pique’s business manager, and in the last hours, Jorge Mendes – Ronaldo’s business manager – has already started working with Juan Laporta (Barca president) to study the feasibility of this deal.

Mendes’ good relationship with the Barcelona president and with Matteo Alemani (Barca’s sporting director) may be a key to bringing the deal, which more than one person in the club thought was a joke, to a happy ending.

And it seems that Ronaldo is not happy in his second spell at Manchester United, because the team is not having a good season, and the methods of the new German coach, Ralf Rangnick, do not convince the Portuguese.

That is why Ronaldo called Pique, who was his colleague in Manchester, to search for a way to move to the “Camp Nou”, and Pique conveyed Cristiano’s desire to Xavi.

Xavi commented on this by saying that “the goals and experience can add to us, and this is beyond doubt,” although he asked Pique to ask Cristiano about his agreement to change his position, but the “Madeira missile” reads a book and contacts experts to facilitate the process Adapt it to Barca style.

Laporta, who tested Ronaldo and Ricardo Quaresma in 2003 and eventually chose Quaresma at the expense of the “Don”, now wants to correct his mistake and also finally sign a player from Man United, after a failed attempt with Beckham in the first year of his first term in the presidency of Barca.

He lives in Messi’s house

Pique also called Lionel Messi, to find out if the Argentine was ready to rent his house in the town of “Gava” to Cristiano, because the Portuguese was particularly eager to live in the house of his traditional rival, even if he did not own it.

Messi’s response, who was surprised by the matter, was, “If he takes care of the Golden Balls and does not take any of them, there will be no problem in renting the house.”

The last obstacle to the signing of Cristiano is Javier Tebas, president of the League, because he would not be happy to see the Portuguese dressed in Barcelona, ​​​​and then the League will review all of the above with special interest, and make sure that the contract complies with the rules of fair play.

Although he wanted the number “10”, Ronaldo will wear the number “17”, because he will inherit the number left by the late Dutch striker Luke de Jong from the team in the winter Mercato.

Excited for the Europa League

Although it may seem different, playing in the European League instead of the Champions League is an added motivation for Ronaldo.

On the one hand, he avoids comparison with Messi in the Champions League, and on the other hand he has the opportunity to fight for a title he does not have in his record.

Ronaldo played only once in the European Union Cup, in his last season with Sporting Lisbon, who was eliminated in his first match against the “Partizan” Belgrade team.

The Portuguese is attached to this title, and believes that in Barcelona he can aspire to the title. In addition, he admitted to those close to him that the European League is a title that Messi does not have, and if he wins it, he can surpass the Argentine in something, as happened already by winning with his country a major title (European Cup), before Messi won the Copa America this year.

It is noteworthy that the last time Ronaldo played in the “Camp Nou” was last year with Juventus, and scored two goals from two penalties, raising the number of goals he scored against the Catalan team’s goal to 20, in 34 matches.

Now he wants to continue scoring goals in the Barca stronghold, but in the “Bulugrana” uniform.

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