Sudan..Al-Burhan stresses that elections will be held at the end of the transitional period, and the Umma Party delivers its vision to resolve the crisis

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A Sudanese political source said that the head of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, stressed during his meeting with Sudanese political forces their adherence to holding free and fair elections at the end of the transitional period.

Al-Burhan stressed that the political forces should prepare to engage in free competition during these elections.

Al-Burhan revealed – for the first time – during his meeting with the political forces that Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok formally informed them of his intention to resign if there was no consensus between the political forces.

In the context, the Sudanese National Umma Party handed yesterday, Wednesday, the Chairman of the Sovereign Council, a copy of a road map to “restore legitimacy and complete the tasks of the transitional phase” in the country, stressing its quest to gather the national ranks.

This came during a meeting between Al-Burhan and a delegation from the party – the largest components of the former ruling coalition in the country – led by its designated president, Fadlallah Barama Nasser.

The party explained, in a statement, that the meeting dealt with the national issue and how to achieve democratic transformation and civil rule through national consensus.

The statement stressed that the party seeks to gather the national ranks in a round table that includes all political and societal forces, and the resistance committees, to agree on a unified vision to resume legitimacy, complete the tasks of the transitional phase, and then meet with Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok.

Earlier on Wednesday, Anadolu Agency quoted a source in the Umma Party as saying that the party leadership had met with Al-Burhan; To discuss the situation in the country, at the invitation of the latter, after the party announced a road map to solve the Sudan crisis.

The head of the Umma Party’s Political Bureau, Muhammad al-Mahdi Hassan, told Al-Jazeera that Al-Burhan announced the formation of a committee to study the road map prepared by the National Umma Party to respond to it.

Sudan has witnessed, since last October 25, protests in rejection of measures taken by Al-Burhan on the same day, which included declaring a state of emergency, dissolving the Sovereignty Councils and Transitional Ministers, and dismissing Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, after the arrest of party leaders and officials, within measures described by political forces as a “military coup.” “.

On November 21, Al-Burhan and Hamdok signed a political agreement that includes the latter’s return to his position, the formation of a government of competencies, the release of political detainees, and the two parties pledged to work together to complete the democratic path.

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