“The Book of Boba Fett”: Bye bye sandworm, welcome stake

One thinks for a moment that the man with the helmet fell into a ravine, wedged between slimy roots and greasy creepers. But everything is moving too much, something is wrong, and finally you understand: The scene takes place in the digestive tract of a gigantic sandworm. The mercenary and bounty hunter Boba Fett fell into its huge ring-shaped mouth full of shark teeth, 38 years ago, when the film “The Return of the Jedi” was released. For a long time you could have thought that he died then.

But no, he’s alive, some of the stories have that Star Wars-Universe confirmed in the meantime, last impressive series The Mandalorian on Disney +. But how exactly did the man escape from the gastric juices of the terrible Sarlacc, whose desert worm ancestors are also featured in the movie Dune mix up vigorously? You only find out now, in the first episode of a new series entirely dedicated to this enigmatic warrior. The Book of Boba Fett it is called and will continue weekly on Disney + until February. In the world of Star Wars is this a major event.

It is crucial that the makers of “The Mandalorian” are back at work here

Not only because the silent antihero in his cool art deco helmet with the dark eye slit has always had a lot of sympathy. It is crucial that this is the makers of The Mandalorian back at work, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. These two have recently become the main bearers of the hopes that something can still be made of the legacy of George Lucas. Because not everything that has so far been developed under the thumb of the Disney group to continue the saga has convinced the discerning fans.

Favreau with his Marvel film experience and enthusiasm for technology, Filoni as Lucas’ master student and keeper of the grail of the unadulterated Star Wars– Tradition – together they were at the Mandalorian unbeatable. If you want to relive the intoxication that good narrators can trigger, you only need the so-called “reaction videos” for the last one so far Mandalorian– Watch the episode. Luke Skywalker floats in personally to pick up Baby Yoda Grogu, and the viewer blows all the fuses with enthusiasm.

Well, it doesn’t go any further for the time being, Baby Yoda’s fate remains uncertain for the time being. But you can now see how an almost suffocated Boba Fett with his fire fist smashes through the shell of the sandworm and digs his way out into the open with the last of his strength. It stays there for the time being. The desert scrap collectors with the red-hot eyes relieve him of his valuable armor, then Bedouins from the Tusken robber tribe take him prisoner. Bye bye sandworm, welcome torture stake.

Boba Fett collect his memories in the medical water tank

But that too was a long time ago, because now the series jumps into the present. The torments in the desert are only the memories of the older Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison), who after decades as a vigorous vicarious agent of some villains has finally become his own master. On the desert planet Tatooine, he snatched the palace of his former boss Jabba The Hutt by killing his successor and the troops belonging to it.

Together with his partner, the equally invincible Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), he is now planning a sweet life as a warlord, financed by tributes and bribes from the surrounding desert community. But it doesn’t work out completely smoothly, for a real oppressor he lacks arbitrariness and cruelty and his own group of murderers. And someone has sent assassins to kill him again.

Boba Fett likes to look for rest in a medical water tank, in which the damaged condition of his skin is apparently supposed to improve. And there the memories come back to him – for example the fight against the six-legged lizard that he accidentally dug out of the desert sand in search of water. It wasn’t funny, but the Tusken robbers saw him with completely different eyes afterwards.

There is not much more to report at the moment, because with Disney +, as in the old days of television, you always have to wait a week for the next episode, even for the press there is no exception. A crystal clear mission like her Mandalorian could show – “Brrring me de chilllld” you can hear Werner Herzog snarling at this point – Boba Fett has not yet to offer. So does all the sympathy have to belong to his problem of how to become a decent warlord? Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni can be trusted that they have completely different tasks up their sleeves for him.

The book by Boba Fett, on Disney +

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