The meeting of humiliation.. Palestinian platforms criticize Abbas’s meeting with Gantz

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The meeting, which brought together Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, sparked controversy on the communication platforms, where activists launched the hashtag “Meeting of Humiliation” in which they condemned the meeting, which is considered the first with an Israeli official since 2010.

The Eighth Bulletin – Your publication (December 29, 2021) monitored the interaction around the meeting, after an official in the Fatah movement confirmed that the importance of finding a political horizon that leads to a political solution in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions was discussed, and activists considered that the meeting deepens the Palestinian division, and turns a blind eye to Israeli violations.

Most of the interactions on the Palestinian platforms were characterized by anger and denunciation of the meeting between Abbas and Gantz.

Activist Adham Abu Salmiya considered the meeting a compass for choosing the path by siding with the people or their enemy. He wrote, “The meetings take place… the directions become clear, and the people are among the biased towards their people, and they are in the arms of their enemy, and each of us chooses his path.”

Meanwhile, Hamas refused the meeting through its official spokesman, Hazem Qassem, who said, “The meeting of PA President Mahmoud Abbas with Zionist War Minister Benny Gantz is deplorable and rejected by all patriots, and deviates from the national spirit of our Palestinian people. This meeting coincided with the settlers’ attack on our people in the West Bank. It increases the severity of the PA leadership’s crime, and constitutes a stab at the intifada in the occupied West Bank.”

In turn, activist Yazan Abdel Rahman mocked the meeting and wrote, “A president goes to visit a minister in the latter’s house. It is mentioned that the minister occupies the president’s lands and by force, at the same time the minister allows his army and gangs to practice terrorism on the citizens who are ruled by the president and in his land something strange and strange, a story suitable for a scenario in movie or series.

While the writer Lama Al-Khater believes that Abbas cannot refuse the meeting, she tweeted, “The PA leadership does not care about the condemnation in the Palestinian street for the meeting that brought Abbas and Gantz in the latter’s house, because Abbas cannot refuse to summon him to the meeting, and because it no longer sees this people, except to collect taxes. from it or to suppress it.”

On the other hand; A member of the Fatah Central Committee, Hussein al-Sheikh, affirmed that the meeting was a bold attempt by President Abbas to open the political track, so he wrote, “President Mahmoud Abbas’ meeting with Minister Gantz at the latter’s house is a great challenge and the last chance before the explosion and entering into a dead end, and a serious and bold attempt to open a political track based on international legitimacy, and put an end to the escalatory practices against the Palestinian people.”

In turn, the Academy, Dalal Erekat, considered the meeting as a meeting of serious leaders, saying, “President Abbas visits Defense Minister Gantz, the Israeli government’s coordinator on the Palestinian file. While Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has no intention of meeting Abbas or pushing any political process during his tenure. Peace requires serious leaders.” .

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