Watch.. A Japanese method being taught to take free kicks

A Japanese high school soccer team has created a genius way to take free kicks, a video has gone viral.

Takagawa Gakun High School faced Serio High School in the “Japan High School Tournament” and won the first 4-2.

One of Takagawa’s high school goals was a fabulous free kick.

According to the video, which spread like wildfire on social media, it appears very simple, but in fact it needed training and effort to finally conclude this kick in the opponent’s net.

The way is shortened by two players standing near the ball, the rest of the attackers jumping in a circle while holding hands for a few seconds.

Then they all rush forward and take different positions inside the penalty area.

Serio’s defenders were greatly confused, and some were watching Takagawa’s “play”, which ended happily.

A video clip of the “play” received more than one and a half million views and received a lot of interaction on social media.

And Japanese high school football seems to be the setting for unconventional free kicks.

East Fukuoka became the talk of the town a few years ago after introducing the “Dancing Wall” during a free kick.

In order to confront the opponent’s wall, they put one of them in front of him, then 3 players intertwined their hands and began to “dance” in order to block the view of the opponent’s defenders and goalkeeper.

After 3 simultaneous steps, the free kick taker hit the ball and it landed in the net.

The players of the “Bochum” team were lined up behind each other in the penalty area, which allowed one of them to get rid of the control and get the ball and score a goal.

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