Crime scene “video evidence” from Stuttgart with Felix Klare and Richy Müller

For everyone who has to recover from the unusual New Year’s Eve excess on New Year’s Eve, ARD has something: a “Caution, Party” –crime scene. At the Christmas party, the boss fiddles with an employee, both of whom are very blue, but he is still more determined than her. In the morning a dead person lies in the entrance hall, he did not fall from the balustrade by himself. His cell phone is gone, but it uploaded a video to the cloud that night: the boss, the employee, sex on the office couch and on the floor.

The inspectors go well with the dreariness after the party (actually also with dreariness without a party). Bootz (Felix Klare) and Lannert (Richy Müller) reliably determine that they are in a bad mood, minor is their key, boiler gray is their weather, work is their duty. It is a Stuttgart specialty to repeatedly unsettle the viewer with the subtle psychological fluctuations during the investigation, traditionally during interrogation. This minimalism has great consequences like “Anne and Death” produced, and he makes it exciting this time.

“When exactly did you say stop?” asks the inspector

In the new case “Videobeweis” (directed and written by Rudi Gaul, book by Katharina Adler), the film shows what appears to be consensual sex. But Kim Tramell (Ursina Lardi), the generally very controlled employee for whom Lannert develops a weakness, speaks of rape. When exactly did you say stop? Asks Lannert, but part of the principle of greatest possible uncertainty is that Bootz would prefer to hand the case over to a woman and ask the intern about sexism with the police.

In supporting roles: Porsche, back pain, ice ax – you know it from somewhere.

The first, Saturday, 8.15 p.m.

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