Even with dieting.. 4 simple mistakes that increase your weight

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Despite following diets, some may be surprised by the weight gain, and this may be due to some wrong behaviors, which greatly affect weight gain, so what are they?

We offer here some simple mistakes that may increase your weight even with diets, according to the German magazine “Freundin”:

1- Eat very large or small meals

Large or even very small meals can upset the hormonal balance in the body, fluctuate blood sugar levels and secrete the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for increasing appetite, and feeling hungry quickly even after eating directly.

2- Lack of multi-nutrients

Ghrelin is a very sensitive hormone that is affected not only by the size of the meal, but also by its content; The hormone responsible for appetite is released when you eat meals with a low content of fat, fiber or protein.

The experts of the German magazine pointed out that good physical activity benefits the body, but the energy consumed during exercise must be recharged in the body again, and intense exercises lead to an increase in metabolic activity, and the effect of post-combustion can last for up to 24 hours. When the body is supplied with small meals or poor food during this stage, the person feels tired, and the result is the secretion of more ghrelin, and with it the person feels hungry.

3- tension

Feeling stressed has a significant impact on the feeling of hunger, and the more a person is stressed, the greater the secretion of cortisol, which increases the desire to eat.

4- Rely on fluids

The body’s handling of digestion with liquids differs from regular meals, and those who rely on juices for nutritional supplements and protein will always feel hungry, because liquid calories are not as satisfactory as regular foods, and juices contain a high percentage of fructose, which promotes the secretion of Insulin increases the body’s tendency to store fat.

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