For these reasons.. the makers of “Singing Amateurs” should make it the last

More than 28 million dollars was earned by the second part of the movie “Singing Amateurs 2” (Sing 2), which was released a few days ago, and profits are expected to double, especially since the first part, which was released in 2016, achieved a huge public success and its revenues approached 635 million dollars.

The joy of musical films

“Singing Amateurs 2”, an animated film belonging to the category of musical works, written and directed by Garth Jennings, and the voice performance was performed by the stars of the first part: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Nick Kroll, and joined the previous team with this Part by Bobby Cannavale, Halsey, Pharrell Williams, Bono, et al.

And in it, the events continue, and we witness the koala (Buster Moon) after he reconstructed his theater and his band returned to present dazzling theatrical performances, but it seems that this alone is not enough, as the famous discoverer of stars tells him that the heroes of his theater cannot keep pace with international performances and competition in the shining artistic capital that they aspire to go to her.

And because Moon doesn’t know how to give up, he decides to travel with his band and try to get a chance, which is actually achieved first because of a spontaneous idea that the pig “Nick” puts forward for a science fiction show without even having his address or any of its details.

Secondly, as a result of Moon’s claim to know the legendary rock star, the lion “Clay Calloway”, and his ability to persuade him to participate in the play despite his retirement years ago. Which is why the theater owner – a tyrannical and fearsome character – gives them permission to let them perform, and so begins the musical adventure.

The pursuit of commercial success

The film has achieved good and escalating success so far, although its makers relied on attracting young people and families on the one hand, and fans of the first part on the other.

And without taking into account that the children who loved the first version – 5 years ago – have advanced in age and become mature, in a way that makes it imperative for the filmmakers to make a greater effort to impress them and provide a deeper plot, and not follow the same approach without anything new.

This was not the only flaw in the work. There are other negative elements that caused dissatisfaction with the audience and critics, including the following:

Character Evolution

One of the positive points in the first part, was the dramatic development and escalation enjoyed by the heroes, and how each of them succeeded in facing his fears and insisting on reaching and achieving his almost impossible dream, overcoming all obstacles. However, on the contrary this time, we see the characters are so superficial that some of them seem to have gone back steps.

Perhaps the only character who had a reasonable dramatic streak was the gorilla “Johnny” who finds himself forced to learn to dance for the sake of the show, which presents him with a new challenge he did not expect.

But it seems that the makers of the work found that marginalizing the old heroes in exchange for injecting new blood into the plot would be more beneficial to the work, especially as it would allow adding events that would allow them to be invested in future parts, which resulted in all the dramatic threads being marginal and insufficient.

successive dramatic escalation

Despite the visual dazzle and the excellent techniques used in the work, the rapid succession of events had a counter effect, making the viewer unable to saturate with what he saw or experienced, so quickly another painting appeared or changed events in a way that he was unable to identify with and be affected by what is going on around him .

Even the complex presented by the work was resolved quickly and without focusing on the circumstances or details to give the recipient enough justification to convince him of what is happening in front of him on the screen.

Impressive or chaotic soundtrack?

More than 20 songs included in the new part of the movie “Singing Amateurs”, and instead of looking fun, it appeared closer to chaos, because the songs varied between songs of the eighties, original songs, and hit songs by today’s standards. We find Elton John and the famous Korean band BTS ( BTS) and Billie Eilish and others.

This chaos made it seem more frustrating than impressive, as well as giving the work a random and heterogeneous character, unlike the first part, whose songs were properly employed and relied on quality rather than quantity.

Happy holiday

But this does not mean that the movie was devoid of fun, as it is still suitable for spending an ideal weekend with your children or family members, in which it combines songs and pure visual pleasure, and it is not without a positive message for children as it urges them not to give in to frustration or phobia, Believing in their abilities without allowing negative opinions to influence them.

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