In northern Europe, a small country defies the Chinese Empire

François Beagon, writer for Mediapart, says: Mediapart French in Lithuania raise Since the conservative coalition came to power at the end of 2020, the slogan is “defend those who fight for freedom, from Belarus to Taiwan,” noting that Relations between the Lithuanian capital Vilnius and Beijing have been deteriorating ever since, making the country at the forefront of the US alliance to contain China.

The new representative of Taiwan in Lithuania, Eric Huang, believes that the presence of a representative of his country in this country is “very important…it is a symbol of democracy and freedom in Lithuania,” explaining that there are “many similarities” between Taiwan and Lithuania.

“We are at the forefront of defenders of democracy, not only for ourselves but also for the world,” Huang says. “We have faced the same challenges in our history, and we have to stand up to the ambitions of powerful neighboring countries.”

He added that what is happening is a “complex conflict in which 3 million Lithuanians are confronting more than 144 million Russians, and just over 23 million Taiwanese against 1.4 billion Chinese.”

It seems that what angers China is not the presence of a representation of Taiwan in Lithuania, according to the writer, but rather the use of the name of Taiwan in the sign hanging on the door of the representative office, which contradicts the method used in other European countries that call these representations “Taipei representative offices”, in A reference to the capital of Taiwan.

China exerts all kinds of pressure on countries that have relations with Taiwan, and it succeeded, for example, at the beginning of this month in persuading Nicaragua to cut those relations. .

In this context, those who do not conform to Beijing’s desires and are very close to Taiwan are subjected to all kinds of pressure and retaliation from the Asian giant, according to the author.

China initially recalled its ambassador to Lithuania, and kept only a chargé d’affaires, and then expelled the Lithuanian ambassador from the country after it decided to reduce the level of representation of the country to the level of chargé d’affaires. The last Lithuanian diplomats left the Chinese capital in mid-December.

This new Lithuanian policy dates back to late 2020 when a new government was formed by 3 center-right parties, all agreeing to a tougher policy toward Beijing, in line with the guidelines of a close American ally, and this alliance has already promised to “defend those who are fighting for freedom, from Belarus to Taiwan.”

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