Iran launches a missile carrying 3 research devices and confirms its placement in orbit

The Iranian Ministry of Defense announced today, Thursday, the launch of 3 scientific and research devices into space on board the “Simorgh” missile designed to transport satellites.

Ahmed Hosseini, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense’s Outer Space Force, said: The three devices were placed in outer space orbit simultaneously, with a launch speed of more than 7 kilometers per second.

Hosseini added that the launch process achieved all the targeted scientific and research goals in accordance with the tasks assigned to this carrier missile.

And last year, Iran succeeded in putting a satellite into orbit, and previous attempts had failed.

The new launch comes as the eighth round of Vienna negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and major powers continues.

Western powers condemn Iran’s launch of missiles into space, and consider this process as part of Iran’s military missile program, but Tehran asserts that it is its right and is intended for civilian and research purposes.

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