Security Council condemns killing of civilians in Myanmar, calls for those responsible to be held accountable

The UN Security Council condemned the killing of dozens of civilians – including children and women – in what was described as a massacre committed by the Myanmar army last Friday, as part of the campaign it has waged for months against the opposition.

In a press statement issued yesterday evening, Wednesday, the council members condemned the killing of 35 people – including women, children and two workers in the “Save the Children” organization – in a village in the eastern state of Kyah, which is witnessing battles between opposition gunmen and the army forces that took over after the overthrow last February by the elected government.

The UN Security Council stressed that those responsible for the killing of these people are held accountable, and that all acts of violence cease immediately.

The council also called for safe and unhindered humanitarian access to all people in need, and for the full protection of humanitarian and medical personnel in Myanmar.

Washington described what happened as a brutal act, and renewed its call for an arms embargo on Myanmar, and international human rights organizations condemned the massacre.

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The ruling military council did not comment on the mass killing, but state media said earlier that members of the army had shot and killed an unspecified number of “armed terrorists” in the village.

An armed opposition group fighting the army published pictures on social media of the burial of the victims, and before that, opponents published pictures showing charred bodies in trucks, and people with their blood on the ground.

After the military coup – which toppled last February of the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi, and the launch of a bloody crackdown on the opposition that has so far killed more than 1,300 people – the so-called “People’s Defense Forces” were formed throughout the country to fight the forces of the ruling military council. .

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