Skaylink-CEO Heinrich Zetlmayer: “Size matters!” The four IT service providers and cloud service providers (CSPs) – Beck et al., Binary, the direkt gruppe and infoWAN including its subsidiary DrVis Software – have been working closely and successfully together for several years. 2021 rose Investor Waterland one, now all companies merge to “Skaylink”. Why this step towards a common brand and how far has the integration progressed?

Heinrich Zetlmayer: All four companies have grown very successfully under their founders for more than 20 years, were about the same size and complemented each other excellently. We’ve built a completely new structure over the past six months, a new company founded, parallel to day-to-day business, and today all four partners are organizationally fully integrated into the new company.
This created a diverse culture. This is different from simply buying another company, because then the culture of a company always prevails, which leads to the loss of employees who cannot be found there. At Skaylink we have created our own integrative culture together.