Sudan.. Bridges closed and revolutionary leaders arrested, ahead of rallies calling for full civilian rule

A well-informed Sudanese security source told Al Jazeera that the security forces arrested a number of leaders of the resistance committees, which are among the most prominent entities organizing the Sudanese revolution demonstrations in the capital and other states, hours before the start of demonstrations calling for full civilian rule.

The source pointed out that the arrests included leaders of the resistance committees in the neighborhoods of Jabra, Taif, Mayo and Al-Kalakla Al-Qubba (south of the capital, Khartoum).

The “Sudanese Professionals Association” accused the security services of carrying out a “frenzied” campaign of arrests targeting members of the “revolutionary forces” in anticipation of demonstrations expected today, Thursday, to demand full civilian rule.

The assembly said – in a statement today, Thursday – that these arrests come in anticipation of the expected million demonstrations in the cities and villages of Sudan.

“The military council and its civilian cover believe that these repressive and illegal practices will discourage the revolutionary forces from their steadfast resistance movement and their goals to bring down the military coup,” he added.


The Technical Committee of the Security and Defense Council decided to close all bridges in the state of Khartoum to traffic, except for Halfaya Bridge, which links Khartoum North and Omdurman, and Soba Bridge, which links east of the Nile and Khartoum, as of yesterday evening, Wednesday.

The decision comes hours before demonstrations rejecting the decisions of Al-Burhan, which he issued on October 25.

Two political sources told Al Jazeera that a Sudanese national committee has begun to unify the initiatives presented by political and national forces into one initiative to settle the crisis in Sudan.

The two sources added that the committee has finished drafting the unified initiative, and it is expected to present it during the weekend.

They pointed out that the drafting committee incorporated a number of initiatives, the most important of which is the roadmap initiative presented by the National Umma Party, in addition to an initiative from the University of Khartoum and three national figures.

American position

The US Embassy in Khartoum affirmed its support for peaceful expression, and called for the protection of individuals who exercise their right to freedom of expression.

On its Facebook page, the embassy called for extreme caution in the use of force, and urged the authorities to refrain from the use of arbitrary detention.

The United States advised its citizens to avoid places of demonstrations expected to take place in Sudan on Thursday to demand full civilian rule.

The embassy said – in a statement – that “demonstrations are expected to be held on December 30 (Thursday) in Khartoum and possibly in other states, and embassy employees have been instructed to work from home wherever possible.”

The embassy called on its nationals to “avoid non-essential travel, crowds and demonstrations, and exercise caution.”

Since last October 25, Sudan has witnessed protests rejecting the measures taken by Al-Burhan, including: declaring a state of emergency, dissolving the Sovereignty Councils and Transitional Ministers, dismissing Hamdok, and arresting party leaders and officials, which political and civil forces considered a “military coup” in exchange for denial by the army.

On November 21, Al-Burhan and Hamdok signed a political agreement that included the latter’s return to his position, the formation of a government of competencies (without party affiliations), the release of political detainees, and the two parties pledged to work together to complete the democratic path.

However, Sudanese political and civil forces consider this agreement an “attempt to legitimize the coup”, pledging to continue protests until full civilian rule is achieved during the transitional period.

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