Yemen war..Houthi missile hits coalition camp in Shabwa and Giants forces carry out a counterattack

On Thursday, military sources reported that the Houthi group and the giant forces loyal to the coalition exchanged shelling in Shabwa governorate, which led to deaths and injuries on both sides.

The Houthi group launched a ballistic missile at a camp of the giants forces loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, Thursday, after the coalition sent reinforcements to repel an attack on the oil-producing governorate of Shabwa.

Military sources reported that the ballistic missile killed 4 soldiers and wounded 13 in the camp in Markha district. A local official put the death toll at 7.

On the other hand, military sources reported that forces from the Yemeni army, backed by forces from the Giants Brigades, carried out a counter-attack on Houthi positions in the Asilan District, northwest of Shabwa Governorate.

The sources pointed out that the attack took place in the “Al-Safira” area in the Usaylan district, and resulted in a number of deaths and injuries on both sides.

This is the first attack since the Giants’ forces arrived in Shabwa a few days ago.

From west to south

The pro-coalition brigades announced on Wednesday that fighters who were stationed in western Yemen have moved to Shabwa in the south.

The Houthi group launched attacks inside Shabwa and cut off supply lines to Marib, which is the last stronghold in the north of the internationally recognized government. Government forces still control the Marib capital and nearby oil and gas facilities.

The Houthis advanced in Marib Governorate, the only gas-producing region in Yemen and home to its largest oil fields.

Likewise, the Houthis have also intensified their attacks with missiles and drones on Saudi Arabia, while the coalition launched air strikes on Houthi targets, including the capital, Sanaa.

The United Nations envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, warned on December 14 that the escalation could open a “more divided and bloody” chapter in the war that has sparked a severe humanitarian crisis.

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