5 million reject the vaccine and 200,000 fake health passports.. For these reasons, France welcomes 2022 with fear

Paris – On the impact of a “tsunami” of injuries and breaking French and European records, France receives the new year with more than 200,000 cases of corona daily over the past three days.

Since the beginning of this week, the numbers have risen remarkably, as last Tuesday 180,000 injuries were recorded, to reach the first yesterday, Wednesday, a record level of 208 thousand injuries, as announced by Minister of Health Olivier Veran before the National Assembly, while the French health authorities confirmed the injury of more than 206,000 new injuries during the past week. The last 24 hours.

During the past week, Europe recorded the largest number of corona infections in the world with 2,901,73 cases, which represents 55% of the global total, in addition to the largest number of deaths, which reached 24,287 deaths, representing 53% of the total global deaths.

Corona tsunami

After warning last Monday that France could record more than 250,000 infections a day by the beginning of January, the French Minister of Health launched a panicked cry from under the dome of Parliament, and assured MPs that France faces two enemies: the mutated Delta is not yet finished and the mutated Omicron.

“I’m not going to talk about a wave anymore, I’m talking about a storm and a tsunami,” he added.

As a result of these records – which were recorded for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic – the French authorities imposed new health restrictions on Thursday and additional strict measures, to confront the outbreak of the pandemic and the new mutant Omicron during the New Year celebrations.

The new measures included a mandatory return to wearing masks in public places, including streets, parks and all open spaces, as well as additional protocols for restaurants, cafes and bars.

The authorities had announced a while ago the cancellation of major gatherings and all manifestations of celebrations, such as fireworks and concerts on New Year’s Eve.

Critical proportion among young people

In turn, Rashid Sahwan, head of the Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Jeunesse Hospital, points out that the situation has become more critical in recent days, and although 80 to 85% of French citizens receive the vaccine, the hospital in which he works receives 95% of critical cases, and most of them are young people who They did not receive the vaccine.

Sahwan adds to Al Jazeera Net, “What should be noted is that most of those we receive now are younger than those we received in the first wave of Corona, and this is confusing and strange, especially as they arrive at the hospital in a critical situation.”

He said, “Many of the infected are young people (25 to 40 years old), with cases also of the elderly who received two doses of the vaccine, but did not take the third dose, and they suffer from many chronic diseases, and there are even those who took the third dose, but the immune factor He’s weak.”

Ineffective measures

Despite the additional measures announced by the authorities yesterday, Thursday, the head of the Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Jeunesse Hospital confirms that “these measures are in fact insufficient, because the situation in hospitals is turbulent and critical, especially during the Christmas period, and there is a shortage of medical and paramedical staff, Since the majority enjoy their annual holidays, or some of them are infected by the family, so the situation is more embarrassing and complicated.”

And he continues in the same context, “The measures recently taken by the government remain insufficient, and it is necessary to tighten more and impose a health passport on every visitor, and if the numbers continue to rise, the situation will become more critical in the recovery departments and in hospitals, and therefore it is necessary to impose a partial closure at least in first stage”.

Regarding the new mutant Omicron, Sahwan explains that the numbers are developing and rising rapidly, after the percentage of infections was within 7% last week, it doubled this week to reach 14%, but realistically we can say that we are within 30% because the results of the analyzes take time to appear, and thus We note this development and the rapid rise in the percentage of people with Omicron, and the numbers are likely to increase every day.

fake health passports

After it was discussed earlier this week by the Health Defense Council and adopted by the Council of Ministers, the French Parliament will begin next Monday to consider a bill that provides for the conversion of a health permit into a vaccination card, to enter into force as of January 15 Next second.

Regarding this procedure and the change, Dr. Rashid Sahwan points out that at present it is difficult to assess the success of this procedure or not, because we all know the way in which the health passport was proposed the first time.

He adds, “Here it is necessary to mention the large number of forged health passports in France, and if we know, for example, that 200,000 fake health passports were issued, this means that 200,000 additional cases of infection and disease are not monitored.”

Sahwan believes that “the permissibility of vaccination under these circumstances will not succeed in light of the opposition of many people to it, and it is not a practical way to force citizens to be vaccinated, and in the best cases it may encourage some to take the vaccine, but the majority will stick to its conviction rejecting the vaccine, and this procedure may be aggravated.” The phenomenon of forged health permits and passports.

As for the reasons for the refusal of a large group of the French people to be vaccinated despite the alarming numbers, Sahwan explains that the issue is primarily political. These rejectionists are basically rejecting the government and against the existing political authority, and they constitute about 5 million citizens, which makes the new mutant Omicron and the infection spread very quickly.

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