A year of successive crises… Will Brexit drag Britain towards partition?

An opinion poll showed that 49% of Britons believe that the Brexit decision is wrong, while 38% declared their support for the idea, reflecting the change in the popular mood and view of this agreement, a year after activating the exit from the European Union.

London- The life of the British people before the Brexit agreement is no longer the same after it. With the passage of a year since this historic step, its citizens are feeling many changes that have affected their walks of life and put them in crises that most pessimists did not expect.

It is no exaggeration that the British media described Brexit as the most important event in the country’s history after World War II, given its political, economic and social effects. And one year was enough for the British to go through crises that were directly or indirectly caused by Brexit. We review the most important of them with the following points:

The Great Escape of Workers

A study by the Center of Excellence for Economic Statistics “ESCoE” (ESCoE) revealed that about 1.3 million foreign workers left Britain during the period from July 2019 to the same month of 2020, which is an unprecedented number, not recorded since the Second World War.

According to the same study, London alone lost 700,000 foreign workers, which represents 8% of the capital’s population, explaining this “mass flight” by the results of the Corona pandemic, which led to the suspension of economic movement for many months, in addition to the uncertainty generated by the Brexit negotiations for 4 years.

lack of nutrients

As they prepare for Christmas, the British lived through anxious moments of fear of food shortages, in a way they have not experienced in decades. This is due to the poultry market’s need for more than 7,000 workers to respond to the demand for turkey purchases on holidays.

The company “Nesley” – which is considered the largest distributor of chocolate, milk and its derivatives – announced that it is facing a real problem in providing the needs of the British market, due to the new procedures for the movement of trucks between Europe and the United Kingdom. The milk distribution giant, “Arla”, announced its inability to distribute milk to 2,400 commercial centers in various regions of the country.

The Meat Manufacturers Association admitted that it was “facing difficulty” in meeting market demands, due to the reluctance of European workers to return to the British market after Brexit.

Pro-Brexit banners outside the House of Representatives in London last year (Reuters)

price flames

The level of inflation in the United Kingdom at 5.1%, the highest rate in 10 years, which led to high prices and the cost of life in all aspects, and the British Food Association expects that the rise may increase.

According to the Budget Office, the cost of Britain’s exit from the European Union will be 1,300 dollars per citizen, which means that the cost of life will increase even more. According to the same source, what is happening now amounts to only $500, which means that every citizen must pay the remaining $800 for this exit.

Long queues and panic in front of petrol stations... Where did the fuel disappear from Britain?Gas stations closed due to the fuel crisis in Britain (Al Jazeera)

fuel crisis

The scenes of cars queuing in front of gas stations will remain immortal in history, and witness to one of the worst results of Brexit, as the British lived 3 weeks of panic and pressure, due to an acute shortage of large truck drivers, which led to the intervention of the army and the landing of its soldiers to distribute gasoline. Professional associations of large truck drivers estimate that there is a shortage of more than 100,000 drivers in the United Kingdom, out of a total of 600,000.

After Brexit, it became difficult to find drivers of large trucks, due to the need for drivers from Europe to obtain a work visa, as well as complex procedures that made tens of thousands of them leave and put the country in an unresolved predicament.

incomplete sovereignty

The slogan “Restore sovereignty” was the main engine of the Brexiteers to incite against the European Union, but this sovereignty is still suspended, due to the status of the Irish island, with its two parts belonging to the Kingdom of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Tough negotiations are still taking place between the Europeans and the British, to determine the status of Ireland after Brexit, and whether a maritime border will be adopted, or a border between the two Irish, and the latter option threatens to blow up the island, and return it to a cycle of violence.

Ireland witnessed during the year 2021 a wave of violence, which constituted an alarm bell for what could become of the situation in the event of failure to overcome the border problem in Ireland.

Watch how London revived Britain's exit from the European UnionLondon’s celebrations of leaving the European Union last year (Al-Jazeera)

idea of ​​separation

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, does not stop calling for a new referendum to leave the United Kingdom, in the face of the intransigence of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who says that a referendum only takes place once in a generation.

The government in London is based on its refusal to have allowed this referendum in 2014, and the option to remain under the British crown won. On the other hand, the ruling Scottish National Party says that Scotland did not vote for the option to withdraw from the Union, and it has the right to remain in it.

Opinion polls show a convergence of views between those who wish to remain and those who support secession, which means that holding any referendum will not be a foregone conclusion.

The vaccine.. the point of light

Britain succeeded in being the first country to launch a massive vaccination process, while European countries were struggling to provide sufficient doses for their citizens. At the time, former Health Minister Matt Hancock stated that this British achievement was due to Brexit, which “liberated” the country from dependence on the European Union.

Perhaps this achievement is one of the few fruits of Brexit, which prompted the Europeans to threaten to enter into a vaccine war, from which Britain emerged victorious.

Do they regret the decision?

A Statista poll showed that 49% of Britons believe that the decision to leave the European Union is wrong, while 38% declared their support for the idea, which reflects the change in the popular mood and view of Brexit, a year after the activation of the exit from the European Union.

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