Anger on Egyptian social media platforms. Does Citroen encourage harassment?

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The pioneers of communication sites in Egypt these days are interacting with the hashtag (# Citroen_encourages_harassment), as many saw in a car advertisement in which the company used singer Amr Diab to show its features a form of harassment.

The eighth bulletin – your publication (12/31/2021) continued the interaction with the hashtag of the advertisement, which some saw in its review of one of the features as an encouragement to harassment and a violation of privacy, but others did not see it as more than an innovative way to promote the car.

With the push of a button on the car mirror, the driver was able to take a picture of a woman he almost hit, in a scene described by activists as propaganda for harassment and not for the car.

For its part, Citroen announced the withdrawal of the advertisement after an angry campaign on social media, and said – in a statement via its Instagram account – that it had taken a decision to withdraw this copy of the commercial advertisement from all of the company’s social media platforms.

Explaining the controversial scene in the ad, the company explained that it “highlights the Connected cam, a compact, high-resolution camera designed to capture unique driving moments as well as improve driver safety.”

Among the interactions with the tag, the human rights initiative “Raise Your Voice” tweeted, “The scene was actually negative, not its negative interpretation. The apology was because the idea and the scene were wrong, not because some considered it inappropriate or because they felt resentment.. Thank you to the people who did not accept that they see an advertisement in this way.”

As for the actor Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, he wrote, “You teach people what exactly…when you make a joint advertisement in which, unfortunately, a famous artist is in an unforgivable fall, he depicts a girl trespassing in the street without her knowledge from Arab faces because he liked it, and that is the feature of Arabic that motivates people to buy it! And you! Where are you, captain of morals and values!

On the other hand, Shaima Mahmoud said, “Ok, by the way, I really like the Citroen and Amr Diab ads, and I see him presenting the features of Arabic in a very smart, smooth and appropriate way with the song, and frankly, much nicer than the last clip for it! The story is not the subject of harassment and this talk.”

But activist Sarah Waguih asked about the position of singer Amr Diab, and wrote, “Citroen_encourages_harassment. The company deleted the advertisement from the social media and sent an apology… Amr Diab does not intend to come down with an apology, nor does he not understand at all what the problem is?”.

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