He has achieved 230 international awards and is preparing to launch his documentary mission.. Who is the Kuwaiti photographer Fahd Al-Enezi?

Kuwaiti photographer Fahad Al-Enezi won the second place in the National Wildlife Federation award

Kuwait – The love of birds prompted Kuwaiti photographer Fahd Al-Anzi to enter the world of photography, after one of the bird watchers in the country followed on one of the means of communication, and he published beautiful pictures of her while crossing the sky of Kuwait during her migration season.

Al-Enezi was influenced not only by the beauty of the observer’s photographs, but by his noble message and his call to protect migratory birds from tampering and overfishing, considering them a wealth that must be protected from hunters, and enacting laws to ensure their passage through Kuwait again.

After a period of follow-up, Al-Enezi turned into a professional photographer in the art of photographing, monitoring and documenting birds, to begin his artistic and scientific career in the field of photography since 2011, achieving, in 10 years, 230 international awards from various countries of the world.

The picture of “The Punishment Slap” won second place in the National Wildlife Federation award (Al Jazeera)

Punishment slap

Al-Anazi’s last award was to get second place in the 50th annual National Wildlife Federation Prize for Photography in the United States, for his photo of “the slap of the eagle”, which he took during an expedition to the island of Hokkaido, northern Japan, after he was able to document a distinct moment of the red fox upon its entry. Great prey area, risking his life from the severity of hunger, the harsh winter.

Al-Enezi said – in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net – that the image of “The Punishment Slap” won second place among more than 40,000 artistic images whose owners competed to win the competition of the National Wildlife Federation, which is one of the largest American non-profit organizations.

He added that the severity of the hunger led the fox to steal food from the white-tailed sea eagle, who refused the presence of the hungry fox, and when it approached two meters from its food, the vulture became angry and slapped the fox in the face with its huge wing, a strong slap.

The polar bear in one of Al-Anzi’s visits to the icy area (the island)

The Kuwaiti photographer indicated that his goal of participating in international competitions comes within the framework of his keenness to raise his country’s flag in important cultural and artistic forums around the world, and to shed light on it as a leading country in the field of culture and arts.

And about his expectation that his picture would win second place, Al-Enezi said that he has been following this competition for 8 years, and started participating in it only 4 years ago, and during these years he has been following the final results and analyzing the elements of beauty and rarity in every work that crowns its owner on the honoring podium at the results announcement ceremony.

He adds that this gave him a visual culture based on technical, technical and legal analysis in competitions, and thus he was able to develop his culture of monitoring and documenting wildlife and merging science and knowledge with hobby until he reached this advanced position in this competition after he achieved honorary awards in 2018 and 2019.

The pink crescent shot is one of the most important pictures of Al-Anzi (Al-Jazeera)

230 international awards

The Kuwaiti photographer participated in many international competitions, achieving 230 different prizes in dozens of photography competitions in the world.

Al-Enezi won first place in the colored axis in the Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award for his picture of the “Snow Mona Lisa” of the polar fox, which was taken in Canada in the winter season, and the temperature was 41 degrees below zero.

It also achieved first place in the American IPA competition, which is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of photography, with the participation of 165 countries, and the winning image was a common kingfisher catching its favorite food, “fish” under water, and it also achieved second place in the annual competition. The best bird photographers in the world in Britain for the image of the pink crescent of a group of flamingos on the Kuwaiti coast.

One of the photography trips in the polar region (the island)

Documentary mission

As for his future plans and upcoming participation, Al-Enezi says that next January he will launch his documentary mission entitled “Below Zero Between the Poles” to photograph wildlife in the snow and highlight the scientific and artistic aspect through the lens, hoping to publish a cultural art book and also a documentary film for the creatures there, He explained that after returning from this trip, which will extend for 3 continuous months, he will have a large stock of events that will be documented and participated in in international competitions and competition as well.

It is noteworthy that the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences awarded Al-Enezi the title of Ambassador of Science, through the implementation of scientific and knowledge programs as a founding member of the Kuwaiti Environment Lens team since 2016.

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