Illegal exceptions… Tourist companies in Jordan take advantage of “defense orders” to get rid of their employees

Aisha Al-Ghabn – Amman
After 7 months of being unemployed due to the Corona pandemic, Muhammad * and his wife reminisced about their home – in which they spent 15 years – and forced them to leave with their three children, after they exhausted all their savings at the end of the first year of the global pandemic.

The collapse of the tourism sector due to global closures left Muhammad and his family on the sidewalk in a country that saw the layoffs of nearly 140,000 workers and the decline in tourism revenues to a quarter, from 4.1 billion dinars ($ 5.7 billion) in 2019 to one billion dinars ($ 1.4 billion) the following year.

When the tragedy struck, the forty-year-old Muhammad had been climbing the ladder of promotion in a tourist office in Amman since he graduated from the Faculty of Languages ​​at Yarmouk University in 2005, armed with French, Italian, and English. Muhammad reached the position of director of logistics operations, with an income of 1,000 dinars per month ($1,400), up from 300 Dinars ($420) at the beginning of his career.

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