In the highest daily toll since the discovery of the pandemic.. a million infected daily in the world and the mutant Omicron hangs over the New Year celebrations

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The world crossed the threshold of one million cases of Covid-19 virus daily, while countries tightened restrictions to combat the pandemic, including Qatar, which adopted distance education for a week.

In the United States, half a million new infections were recorded during the past 24 hours, and the US Department of Health attributed the record rise in injuries to the mutated Omicron, which is spreading at lightning speed, according to its description.

And the US authorities announced that the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic has exceeded 825,000.

Procedures and Restrictions

The outbreak of the mutant omicron has clouded New Year’s celebrations around the world.

In France, the authorities re-imposed the obligation to wear the muzzle in open spaces, starting today, Friday, in both Paris and Lyon.

It also announced the closure of bars on the first and second of January 2022 at 2 am.

France recorded a record number of daily infections with the Corona virus, exceeding 200,000.

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain was in a better position than it was at this time last year.

Johnson urged the British to conduct Corona examinations before contact with others, warning of the challenges posed by the mutant Omicron, in light of the high number of cases transferred to hospitals.

A COVID-19 testing center in a New York subway station (Anadolu Agency)

Russia overtakes Brazil

In a surprising outcome, Russia has overtaken Brazil to rank second in the world in terms of the number of deaths from Covid-19.

And the Russian Statistics Authority announced the death of more than 87 thousand people for reasons related to the Corona virus last November only, which brings the total number of deaths from the virus in Russia to 659,000 deaths, surpassing Russia by this, which has so far recorded about 619,000 deaths. .

As for Israel, the authorities there are turning to the drug “Pfizer” against Covid-19, along with a fourth booster dose of the vaccine to counter the spread of the Omicron mutant, and Israel has received the first shipment of Pfizer.

Experts confirm that this drug, which is given orally, undermines the ability of the virus to reproduce, expecting it to resist the mutants.

It is noteworthy that about 50% of the Israelis received 3 doses of vaccines against COVID-19.


In the Arab region, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar announced the adoption of the “distance learning” system for a period of one week only, and the suspension of attendance of all students in all public and private schools and kindergartens in the country, as of next Sunday, the second of January second 2022.

The Ministry explained that this decision comes within the framework of its keenness to provide a safe school environment, and in view of the epidemiological conditions related to the Corona Virus Covid-19 pandemic, and the noticeable increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 infection in society.

In Algeria, the Pasteur Institute announced the registration of 16 cases of the mutant Omicron in the country, according to the statistics recorded until Thursday.

The Algerian authorities did not announce any restrictions during the New Year celebrations, but a week ago they announced the imposition of a health passport to enter public places and government facilities, and the Algerian Ministry of Health expects an increase in infections with the Omicron mutator in the coming weeks.

Vaccine distribution

In this context, Albert Borla, CEO of Pfizer, announced that the company has delivered during the current year one billion doses of the vaccine against the Corona virus to countries with mostly middle and low-income populations.

Burla said that a number of poor countries are unable to receive new shipments of doses due to poor infrastructure and the reluctance of the population to take the vaccine.

The CEO of Pfizer called on the World Health Organization and governments to collaborate in raising awareness about the epidemic and addressing infrastructure challenges in these countries.

But Amnesty International questioned the credibility of what the CEO of Pfizer said, saying that rich countries and drug companies had failed disastrously to ensure equal access to vaccines this year.

In a report, the organization accused the American company Pfizer of making misleading statements regarding making the vaccine available to every patient and every country and society seeking to reach it.

The accusations also targeted the companies “Moderna”, “AstraZeneca” and “Johnson & Johnson” for refusing to support measures that would temporarily lift intellectual property protection and share vaccine technology with other manufacturers in the world from in order to allow the intensification of global efforts to produce vaccines.

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