India.. Hate speech backed by official measures to besiege Muslims and Christians

Hate speech is increasing in the wake of the preparations for local legislative elections in 5 Indian states after months, amid accusations of the Indian People’s Party of using slogans against Muslims to attract Hindus to win the elections.

New Delhi- 3 calls were issued in the last week of 2021 to kill the Muslims of India in particular, and to apply the “Burmese model” to exterminate them collectively, or “return them to the Hindu fold.”

The “Religious Parliament” conference in Haridwar (Northern India) witnessed the most prominent of these calls. As well as a public event in the Indian capital where the audience swore to “death and kill” for the Hindu state.

The third call came from Representative Teja Swee, who said that there is no solution to the “Islamic problem” except by forcing all Indian and Pakistani Muslims to return to the Hindu fold.

A case was not registered against one of the organizers of the “Religious Parliament” and its speakers, only after some lawyers submitted a report to the police, despite the public calls for the killing of Muslims. Even after the report, no arrests were made.

‘India is for Hindus only’ rhetoric has escalated since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office (Associated Press)

The “Homeland of the Hindus” in exchange for the guests

Such calls are not new in India, especially in the past seven years, since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office. But what is new is for it to be raised publicly during the day, and for pictures to be spread across the world.

The hate speech and the call for the extermination of Muslims express the Hindu beliefs of the RSS movement that emerged a century ago, and sees India as the homeland of the Hindus, and Muslims and Christians are guests in it, and they must accept what is given to them.

The Indian People’s Party, which is currently ruling, is the political wing of the Hindu movement, and it previously ruled during the years 1999-2004, but it did not enjoy a majority in Parliament at that time.

But this did not prevent him from launching anti-Muslim policies, the most important of which is accusing them of “terrorism” and throwing thousands of them into prison on trumped-up charges that prove their innocence after many years.

The Deputy Prime Minister at the time, Lal Kishan Advani, repeatedly stated: “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.”

“cleansing” or “going home”

The Indian People’s Party returned to power by a simple majority in Parliament in May 2014, and it became strict in implementing the rituals of the Hindu movement; Such as exaggerating the sanctification of the cow, and the lawlessness of the blood of any person who slaughters cows, eats its meat, or even possesses it, even if he is a Muslim.

A movement to force Indian Muslims to convert to Hinduism spread in the country, an ancient program called “purification” a century ago, and now bearing the slogan “Going home.”

From 2014 to 2020, there were 652 attacks on Muslims against their religious identity in India, on buses, trains, and public roads, during which at least 146 Muslims were killed.

Social networks are witnessing a phenomenon that appears organized to “spread hatred” against Muslims in particular, and the Indian media, especially those close to the government, are accused of being involved in this hate speech.

Demonstrations in Pakistan against India's annexation of part of KashmirDemonstrations in Pakistan against India’s annexation of part of Kashmir (Al-Jazeera)

Denationalization and revocation of Kashmir’s independence

The attack against India’s Muslims escalated, after the Indian People’s Party won again in the 2019 elections. This time it seemed more resolute in implementing hostile policies such as stripping the citizenship of millions of Indian Muslims by claiming that they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah, and the prime minister’s most prominent confidant, described them as “intruders” and “termites”, and announced that he would throw them in the Bay of Bengal.

In light of this, the Indian citizenship law, which includes millions of non-Hindus, was changed, without its application until now due to the outbreak of huge protests across India, which did not subside until after the complete closure due to the Corona pandemic.

Among these unprecedented steps was the abolition of Kashmir’s autonomy with the stroke of a pen in August 2019, the imprisonment of hundreds of Kashmiri political leaders, and the cutting off of the state from the world and placing it under central rule.

One of these steps was also to tighten laws against the conversion of Hindus to Islam and Christianity, and to put hundreds of Muslims and Christians in prison on charges of “tempting Hindus” to convert to their religion by using money and deception.

After they finally took control of the land of the “Babri” mosque in the city of Ayodhya in the state of Uttar Pradesh (northern India), in November 2019, (it was demolished by Hindus 30 years ago), Prime Minister Modi inaugurated a ceremony in which he laid the foundation stone for a luxurious temple on The mosque grounds last August.

Subsequently, the supporters of the Hindu movement raised their demands to seize two other mosques in the cities of Warransi and Mathura.

Extremist Hindus considered the construction of the Temple of Rama on the ruins of the Babri Mosque a great victory for (European) Hinduism.

Change curricula and names of countries

Also, in the context of restricting activities, the Indian government has canceled the permits of more than 25,000 associations and civil society organizations, which receive funds from abroad, all of which are Islamic, Christian and human rights organizations.

Finally, the school curricula are witnessing a change by introducing texts about the “golden Hindus” past, while deleting texts about Islamic rule over centuries.

The names of hundreds of cities, villages and streets were changed to Hindu ones, although those names were based on the fact that Muslims were the ones who established these cities and villages.

Election approaching

In this atmosphere, local legislative elections are scheduled to be held in 5 Indian states after months, and therefore the pace of hate speech is increasing, amid accusations of the Indian People’s Party of using “anti-Muslim slogans” to attract Hindus to win the elections after political and economic failures, and the inability of his government to face the wave The second of the Corona virus.

The Indian People’s Party believes that it is sufficient for it to attract 80% of the Hindu population to rule India, and the remaining 20% ​​belonging to minorities do not care about it.

Party leaders say that the next general elections in 2024 will be the last in India, after which the establishment of the Hindu state will be declared and secularism removed from the Indian constitution.

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