Omicron hits the world .. Will it be the last blow?

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An episode of the “Above Power” program (12/31/221) dealt with the impact of the new “Omicron” mutant from the Corona virus on people’s lives during the end of the year 2021 holiday.

The episode quoted the opinion of a global expert from “Johns Hopkins University” who believes that the new mutated strain of Corona is the beginning of the end of the virus, according to scientific research.

The Corona virus has torpedoed the term civilized and educated people; Where the European health authorities suffer from the indiscretion of the public and sometimes the stars from not adhering to the measures to prevent the epidemic, the world boxing champion Sinistra, known for his strong opposition to government measures against the Corona virus and its vaccines, died in Belgium, after contracting the disease.

In Barcelona, ​​Spain, massive popular demonstrations took place, rejecting the health precautions imposed by the authorities.

The presenter of the “Above Power” program, Nazih Al-Ahdab, questioned France’s ability to confront the mutating epidemic, after French opponents said that their country had met with the Corona epidemic and French President Emmanuel Macron; Where the president failed in economic and foreign policies, the new mutant “Omicron” from the Corona virus came to record in one day more than 100,000 infections, and according to observers, France is on a date with chaos next January.

The episode also addressed the following topics:

The Jordanian Parliament is a free wrestling circuit for the heavyweight category.

Qais Saeed, Person of the Year in “Above Power” programme.

Mansour Abbas: Israel will remain Jewish, and Mahmoud Abbas is in Gantz’s home.

– Putin refuses to offend the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, so what about the followers of the Messenger in Syria?

– Hindu priests are terrorists calling to kill as many Muslims as possible.

The ten-year-old and the 100-year-old dream of a tent and a fireplace.


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