Political successes and security and humanitarian crises.. Learn about the most prominent events in Iraq in 2021

Hours and 2021 turn its days into the past, a year during which Iraq witnessed hundreds of security, political and economic events, some of which counted against Iraq, and others put the country at a dangerous security crossroads.

Effects of the bombing that targeted Al-Kazemi’s house (Al-Iraqiya)

Al-Kazemi’s assassination attempt

According to political and strategic researcher Sarmad Al-Bayati, the most serious incident was the attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi on November 7 through the use of “suicide” drones that targeted his house inside the Green Zone in Baghdad, which he asserts that if it succeeded, it would lead Iraq to what he described as “” The abyss” in light of the differences and the charged atmosphere on the eve of the legislative elections.

Exclusive - Political and Strategic Researcher - Sarmad Al-BayatiAl-Bayati considered Iraq’s success in hosting an international summit that brought together “opposites” a prominent political event in 2021 (Al-Jazeera)

On the political level, Al-Bayati indicated – in his speech to Al-Jazeera Net – that the most important of them represented Iraq’s success in convening an international summit on August 28 that contributed to bringing together those he described as “opposites” under one roof and what, according to him, opened new horizons for the country, and contributed In removing many obstacles to Iraq’s Arab and international relations, as well as hosting a number of rounds of dialogue between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

From the Al Jazeera Net website - Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee - Jamal CougarCougar: Changing the exchange rate will be positive in the long term, not immediate (Al-Jazeera)

Economically, the government considered raising the dinar exchange rate from 1200 to 1460 dinars to the dollar as an economic success through reforming the structural system of the economy. 15 billion dollars to reach 65 billion dollars, pointing out that the change in the exchange rate will be positive in the long term, not immediate.

Exclusive - Political Researcher - Ghanem Al-AbedAl-Abed: Iraq witnessed a security failure in many files, especially hospital fires (Al-Jazeera)


On the contrary, political researcher Ghanem al-Abed believes that Iraq succeeded in improving its image before the international community through the visit of Pope Francis in March, then the Iraqi-Jordanian-Egyptian tripartite summit, and the reception of the first Egyptian president since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, and the Baghdad International Summit, However, these events do not hide what he described as a security “failure” in many cases, especially hospital fires.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Net, Al-Abed continues that the continued targeting of US interests and the bases of the international coalition in Iraq, the continued activity of the anti-government armed factions, the attempt to assassinate Al-Kazemi and the return of ISIS activity, are clear indicators that proved that the government failed to deal with these security files.

Exclusive - Editor-in-Chief of Views newspaper - Mostafa KamelKamel considered that the Baghdad International Summit was propaganda and resulted in nothing (Al-Jazeera)

And between Al-Bayati and Al-Abed’s talk, Mustafa Kamel, editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Perspectives” said that the Baghdad summit was propaganda and did not result in anything, explaining that whoever wants to hold a conference to achieve peace must establish peace in his country and reconcile with his people first without leaving millions of Iraqis Among the displaced, the displaced and the uprooted, as he put it.

And about hosting many heads of state and the country’s success in securing the Baghdad summit, Kamel adds in his speech to Al Jazeera Net, that diplomatic activity in Iraq is a response to the American requests issued to a number of Arab officials, and they were clear and strict to integrate the Iraqi regime into the region.

He continues that the repeated visits of French President Emmanuel Macron to the country are nothing more than an attempt to obtain a piece of what he described as the Iraqi “cake” in the context of the French competition with the United States and nothing more, according to Kamel.

As for the Saudi-Iranian dialogue in Baghdad, Kamel believes that it was not a reflection of the success of Iraqi diplomacy, commenting, “Iraq’s mission was similar to a postman, as Saudi Arabia is willing to solve the problem in Yemen.”

Exclusive - Professor of Economics at the Iraqi University - Abdul Rahman Al-MashhadaniAl-Mashhadani: Changing the dinar exchange rate contributed to raising the inflation rate (Al-Jazeera)

As for economically, the professor of economics at the Iraqi University, Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani – in his speech to Al-Jazeera Net – believes that the change in the exchange rate contributed to raising the inflation rate to large levels not seen since 2003, especially as it contributed to the decline in Iraqi returns, which is consistent with the statement of the Ministry of Planning, which She confirmed that inflation rose by 6.4% compared to last year.

Among other notable events on the security front, Al-Kazemi announced that the security forces had killed Abu Yasser Al-Issawi, deputy successor to the leader of the Islamic State, who was the governor of Iraq, and the arrest of Sami Jassem Al-Jubouri, who was confirmed by the authorities that he was serving as the deputy leader of the former ISIS. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The country also witnessed a health disaster, as the explosion of an oxygen gas cylinder led to a massive fire in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in the capital, which was dedicated to isolating people infected with the Corona virus, which led to the death of 82 people and the injury of 110 others with varying burns, which led to the resignation of the Minister of Health later and his referral with the Governor of the capital. To investigate.

People look on at Ibn Khatib hospital after a fire caused by an oxygen tank explosion in BaghdadHospital fires are among the tragic events in Iraq in 2021 (Reuters)

Demonstrations and assassinations

In May, Baghdad witnessed the return of demonstrations led by activists, following the return of the series of assassinations that affected many of them. Protests erupted, including burning, near the Iranian consulate in Karbala (south of Baghdad) hours after the killing of activist Ihab Al-Wazani at the hands of unknown persons in the city.

Journalist Ahmed Hassan was also subjected to a failed assassination attempt that led to his serious injury in the city of Diwaniyah on May 10, and a few days later two demonstrators were killed by security forces’ bullets and 13 others were wounded by tear gas after clashes that broke out during a demonstration of thousands of people in Tahrir Square in Baghdad to condemn the assassination of activists.

And last July, Iraq managed to recover 17,000 artifacts, including 7,000 cuneiform clay tablets smuggled from the United States. It has been looted over the years since the US invasion of the country in 2003.

The tragedy of the Ibn al-Khatib Hospital fire had hardly subsided, until the Iraqis were surprised on the evening of Monday, July 12, by the outbreak of a large fire in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in the city of Nasiriyah (south) in the health isolation department for people infected with the Corona virus.

Going to October, Iraq recorded the most important internal political event through its success in holding early legislative elections on the 10th of the same month, after many political observers were skeptical about the possibility of holding them in light of the political circumstances and the differences that preceded them.

According to the announced results, the Sadrist bloc won first place by obtaining 73 seats, and the traditional Shiite parties suffered a loss described as “resonant.” The Fatah Alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri, the main representative of the Popular Mobilization factions, won 17 seats.

Migrant crisis at the Belarusian-Polish borderThe Iraqi migrant crisis at the Belarusian-Polish border was a prominent event in 2021 (Reuters)

Migrant crisis

On the humanitarian level, the same month witnessed a crisis at the international level, after press reports revealed that thousands of Iraqis are stuck on the Belarusian border with Poland, in an attempt to enter the borders of the European Union and obtain asylum.

With the escalation of the crisis, the government suspended flights to Belarus, coinciding with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs activating flights in order to voluntarily return national refugees.

Moving to December 2021, National Security Adviser Qassem al-Araji officially announced the end of the combat missions of the international coalition forces led by the United States, their withdrawal from the country at the end of this year, and the transformation of the mission of the international coalition forces into advisory and training.

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