The Manchester City player was subjected to a bloody attack and theft of jewelry at gunpoint

In continuation of the series of burglaries on the homes of football stars in England, Joao Cancelo, the Portuguese defender of the Manchester City team, announced that his house was subjected to an armed robbery yesterday evening, Thursday, in the city of Manchester.

Cancelo published a photo on his Instagram account, which showed that he had suffered minor injuries to the face, which turned out to be the result of resistance from the player.

He commented on her saying, “Unfortunately, today I was attacked by 4 cowards. They injured me and tried to injure my family, and this is what happened when I tried to resist.”

He added, “They stole all my jewelry and left leaving my face like this, I don’t know how there are people with such meanness, the most important thing for me is my family, and fortunately they are all fine, and after so many obstacles in my life this is one of them.”

For his part, the club’s account said in a tweet via Twitter, “We are all shocked and appalled after Cancelo and his family were subjected to a burglary at their home yesterday evening, which also resulted in the player being attacked.”

The tweet added that Cancelo and his family have all the support of the club, “and he is helping the police in their investigation into this very serious matter.”

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