Worth $2 billion, Israel signs an agreement with the United States to buy military helicopters

The Israeli Defense Ministry said today, Friday, that it had signed an agreement with Washington to purchase American aircraft worth two billion dollars.

She explained that the deal includes 12 CH-53K helicopters produced by Lockheed Martin, and two KC-46 refueling aircraft produced by Boeing.

The deal signed yesterday comes within the framework of developing the capabilities of the Israeli Air Force, and includes the option to purchase 6 additional helicopters, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The statement said that the first of these planes is scheduled to arrive in Israel in 2026. Yesterday, the Director of Resources in the Air Force told Army Radio, Brigadier General Shimon Sensiber, that the delivery of the two refueling planes would not take place before 2025.

He added that Israel is trying to advance the date of delivery of the two planes, and ultimately wants 4 of them.

Threats and targets

And it was reported by the Israeli media that the refueling planes may be critical to carrying out an air strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, a strike that Israel has long threatened.

On July 20, the US administration agreed to sell Tel Aviv 18 military helicopters, stressing its commitment to “Israel’s security.”

And last May, the Washington Post quoted senior sources in the administration of US President Joe Biden as saying, “Despite the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, the administration agreed to sell millions of dollars in precision weapons to Israel.”

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