A snow storm paralyzes the American capital and other states, and holds Biden and his crew for a short period

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A snow storm hit the American capital, Washington, and a number of neighboring states. And the accumulation of snow on the roads caused power outages, impeded traffic, and closed a number of secondary roads in Washington, Virginia and Maryland.

The severity of the storm also caused the detention of US President Joe Biden and his accompanying team for about half an hour on board the presidential plane, before he was able to leave for the White House.

His Air Force One remained on the tarmac until staff managed to clear the runway, then the presidential motorcade took the road very slowly to the White House.

No power to at least 440,000 homes in Virginia and 76,000 homes in neighboring Maryland, and trees fell on high-voltage lines due to snow. While the meteorological service expected that snow and rain could cause possible floods.

In the face of the weather, the government announced the closure of the federal headquarters in Washington, which led to the cancellation of the daily White House press conference.

The city of Washington also announced the suspension of bus trips, as well as the closure of testing centers to detect infection with the Corona virus (Covid-19) and the suspension of distribution of rapid tests.

Many schools were closed Monday due to snowfall in the Washington, Maryland and Virginia areas.

And the winter storm exacerbated the chaos that had already prevailed in the flight program in the United States for weeks, due to the rise in cases of the Corona virus and the mutant Omicron.

During a press conference, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser called on residents to stay indoors, saying, “If it is not necessary, stay in your homes and do not take the roads.”

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