Is your project viable? Tips for developing it and choosing a team

It is not easy to start your own business and achieve the desired success, especially if you do not take the time to plan and pay attention to some important details that may hinder its continuation.

in a a report Published by the American “Hackernoon” website, writers Ksenia Byrne, Yevgenia Bekinova, Vasily Mikhailov and David Margaryan offer a number of tips to help those wishing to launch their own projects develop and maintain them.

technology tools

Choosing the right set of technology tools before the start of your project is very important, as it must be checked whether they are scalable, and whether it is easy to find an expert to develop them in the future, there can be big problems when your project starts to grow and you do not find specialists to match it.

Focus on the team

This step represents the most important investment that may affect the success or failure of your project, and you should not be afraid to reject those who are inexperienced, hire only those who have a real passion for their work, which will benefit you when you reach the final product.

You should gain a good reputation from the start

It is important to make sure that you have a good reputation from the beginning, and avoid falling into the trap of caring about profits at the expense of product quality, which will be difficult to change if it is entrenched in the minds of consumers, make your focus on customer satisfaction in the first place, because this will bring you profits Later.

The first 3 years of the project are the most difficult

Sponsoring a project is similar to caring for a growing child. At first, you will not find enough time to rest, but you must avoid fatigue to be able to continue your career. Over time, the team begins to engage more in the market, and then you can delegate more tasks while enjoying some free time.

You should review your thoughts

It can be about creating a new product or service or an advertising campaign, and these ideas may occupy a large space in our minds, but we neglect to review them enough, for example, it may become clear to you that the market does not really need the idea that you want to adopt, so you have to test these ideas and solicits the opinions of others before making any decision.

Build relationships with similar startups

It is also important to communicate with other companies, as this helps you to expand your horizons and find new partners and clients.

Perform Analytics Report

Analytics reports are essential at the start of your project, which will allow you to see why and where you are losing consumers and how you are meeting their needs.

It is not necessary to lower prices

If there is a drop in sales, you should think about improving the quality of the product by hiring an expert in the field, researching in depth, and seeking help from other parties, which may pay off in the end.

define the priorities

It is possible to find yourself confused between consumers who complain about the quality and the need to launch new features in a short time, in this case you have to determine what is most important now. required in the market.

Hiring a Quality Assurance Specialist

It is best to hire an experienced expert who is able to identify barriers to product development.

Estimating product development cost

In the development stage, a discussion can occur about whether the product needs to add a new feature or give up an existing one. You may find that the development costs were high without getting the desired result, so you should estimate the cost accurately before starting the development process.

It is better to keep the technical documents

Things have always been much easier with good documentation, which makes it easier to track contentious issues. Some decisions may seem irrational, but they can be explained by technical documentation.

Technical documentation will reduce time wasted

This step is important during the preparation of future employees, because it will help you save a lot of time, and amid the multitasking, it will be difficult to explain what is required to each employee, which can be done through documents.

The employee must perform several tasks

All teams must be integrated so that each employee is able to switch between different tasks and fill any gaps.

Easily create a scalable system

It is essential to know if there are enough qualified experts in the market, but you must also take into account the fact that hiring experts in programming languages ​​is not always the best option, because even if it is not expensive to hire them, the hardware they use will be expensive.

Trust between team members

It is important to select employees with a sense of responsibility and a high level of discipline and commitment, so that there is mutual trust among team members.

You must be ready to change the product over time

If the product no longer attracts many consumers or users on the network, you must be flexible enough to change it.

Dealing with the product from the perspective of the average user

You may have enough knowledge in the field in which you work and think that you have provided the user with an appropriate product, but there is a margin for error, the issue of facilitating people’s lives must be your primary goal when designing any product.

Test the data more than once

This will help you save resources, but many startups don’t find the time to do this because they are racing to catch up with the competition.

Learn how to design prototypes as clear as possible

This way you will not waste much time in discussions and explanations.

Develop your brand

It is essential that you have your own brand, as it will determine how closely the project and the product relate.

Find out what sets you apart from your competition

It is necessary to evaluate the quality characteristics of your product, in order to be able to promote it in the best possible way.

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