Portrait of the new ARD chairwoman Patricia Schlesinger

Patricia Schlesinger from the not very big RBB becomes ARD chairwoman – at a time when directors run their heels to become more approachable. An inaugural visit.

Interview by

Aurelie von Blazekovic and Claudia Tieschky

Do you know that? As soon as the holidays are over, the arduous ARD chairmanship is already on the agenda. If you now ask what kind of seat? You are not alone. For most people, the term is rather remote. That may change. For a while now, ARD has been doing a lot to be less distant in everything, the contributor and itself. It’s not easy, because ARD is complicated, it is expensive, it has nine national channels, it is expected to consume around 28 billion euros from 2021 to 2024, it has the program with the mouse and Jörg Pilawa. The struggle for the broadcasting tax was recently a fiasco that had to be decided by the Federal Constitutional Court.

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