The former Real Madrid star works in fishing after retiring from football

The choices of football players after retiring from the game vary, some of them choose to stay in the field by moving to training or occupying management positions in teams, while others prefer to move away, as did the former Real Madrid star who chose the fishing profession.

Portuguese defender Fabio Coentrao preferred to fulfill his childhood dream and invest in fishing after announcing his retirement from football last year, following disputes with Portuguese club Rio Ave.

Coentrao, 33, played more than 100 matches with Real Madrid, and was close to the star Cristiano Ronaldo, and played 52 matches with him in the Portuguese national team.

The Portuguese player spoke about his current interests in statements carried by the newspaper “Daily Mail” (Daily Mail) British, and explained that he devoted himself to the profession of fishing, and said that “life at sea is not a defect as many people think, it is a job like any other job.”

Coentrao, who won two titles in the Champions League and the Spanish League, recounted how his boat rescued 15 fishermen from a sinking ship.

He pointed out that fishing is a profession that has been passed down for generations in his family, and indicated that he grew up at sea when he was accompanying his father, and added:I knew that football would end one day and that I had to take a new direction in my life. My happiness is in this boat, and this is the life I want to live.”

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