The world of football has to prepare.. Laporta heralds a bright future for Barcelona

Barcelona club president Joan Laporta said that the football world should “prepare” because the Catalan club is returning, and refused to rule out the possibility of including Norwegian star Erling Haaland, the German player of Borussia Dortmund, for the team this year.

Today, Monday, Barcelona presented its new player, Ferran Torres, who joined the team from Manchester City, in a deal worth 55 million euros.

The conclusion of the Spanish international deal, Torres, came despite the well-known financial crisis that Barcelona suffers from, as its debts amounted to more than 1.2 billion euros last year.

But the club will not be able to register Torres until some players are dispensed with, in order to avoid the risk of exceeding the salary ceiling, which is why the club was also forced to delay the registration of veteran Dani Alves in the squad.

Despite Barcelona’s financial constraints, club members voted last December on the 1.5 billion-euro “Esbay Barcelona” project, which includes a comprehensive overhaul of the “Camp Nou” stadium and other facilities, and rumors continue that the club will include Spanish striker Alvaro Morata. A loan contract during the current winter transfer market.

There are also rumors that Barcelona will lead the scene in the competition for Haaland from Dortmund this year, and Laporta was not keen to deny the matter.

When asked about the club’s position towards Haaland in particular, Laporta said, “Let me, I will not talk about specific names. This does not benefit in general. It increases the value of the names.”

“We are strengthening the positions as requested by the technical staff. Today, we have Ferran, who was in Valencia, and we are proud that Catalans and Valencians are cousins,” Laporta added.

“Barcelona represents a landmark in the market and every player considers us a role model. We have a team in the process of rebuilding, and we will soon see the team’s return.”

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