Turkish craftsman excels at simulating ancient pottery

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Turkish craftsman Osman Berjan (46 years old) imitates ancient pottery and adds his own touches to their designs. He resides in Avanos district in the state of Nosehir in central Turkey.

Turkish craftsman Osman Berjan imitating ancient pottery vessels (Anatolia)

The region is famous for its ancient heritage in the manufacture of pottery that extends for about 5,000 years, since the days of the Hittite civilization. This craft is one of the most important sources of income for many people in the region today.

Turkish craftsman adds his own touches to pottery designs (Anatolia)

In his interview with Anatolia, Berjan explained that he takes advantage of his works from the designs of the archaeological finds discovered in the region, and adds his own touches to them.

Berjan resides in the district of Avanos in the state of Nosehir, which is famous for its ancient heritage (Anatolia).

Berjan’s works are well received by lovers of this type of utensils, especially tourists and specialists in the field of decoration.

He pointed out that he displays his works through social networking sites, where he received the admiration of followers, noting that he received an invitation from a Russian businessman who visited the region to set up an exhibition of his works in Russia.

Berjan combines the past and the present in his own designs (Anatolia)

Al-Harki Al-Turki stressed that he is constantly developing himself and learning new techniques via the Internet, as he combines the past and the present in his own designs.

Some of Berjan’s designs (Anatolia)

And he wants to deviate from the norm in his work more in the coming period, according to him.

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