A family dispute and a false report.. Al-Kazemi dismisses security leaders and vows to hold those involved in the killing of 20 members of one family accountable after a raid

Initial investigations proved that the problem was a simple family dispute between the head of the family and the husband of one of his daughters, who works as a captain in the anti-narcotics forces in Baghdad, and who took advantage of his position and gave misleading information that his father-in-law is a drug dealer and harbors terrorists in his home.

The circumstances of the killing of 20 Iraqis from one family in a security raid on a village in the Jableh district in Babil Governorate, south of Baghdad last Thursday, are still interacting officially and popularly, which prompted the government to open an urgent investigation into the incident, while Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi vowed to hold the parties involved in this accountable. The massacre and the misleading about it.

Al-Kazemi said – in a tweet he posted on his Twitter account – “We closely followed the circumstances of the bloody Babylon massacre, and an attempt to mislead the government and public opinion was revealed, and this is a crime in itself. With any failure within the security system.”

Al-Kazemi dismissed the police chief of Babylon, the director of Babel intelligence, and the director of Jableh intelligence, while referring them to the immediate investigation, and bringing all those involved in the crime to the judiciary to implement the maximum penalties against them. He also ordered the referral of those involved in transmitting and announcing security information in the Ministry of Interior and the Security Media Cell to an investigation into the dissemination of misleading information about the incident, according to a statement issued by his office.

Al-Kazemi decided – according to the statement – “to form a security investigation team headed by the Chief of Staff of the Army, with the membership of the Undersecretary of the National Security Apparatus, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Police Affairs, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, and the Deputy National Security Adviser.” The team undertakes to expand the scope of the investigation into the circumstances that allowed the crime and the multiplicity of sources of intelligence information, and continues to receive malicious communications and act on them without subjecting them to substantive scrutiny, and refer all negligent persons to the judiciary and submit a report to the Prime Minister within one week.


Yesterday, Monday, the Iraqi judiciary charged 13 people – including 9 officers in the security forces – for being involved in the crime of killing 20 people, after an attack on a house in a village in the Jableh district of Babil Governorate, based on inaccurate intelligence information for personal purposes, and causing the deaths of innocents. .

A specialized investigative judge listened to the statements of the 13 men and approved them, according to the Iraqi News Agency, citing a statement issued by the Supreme Judicial Council.

The tragedy occurred last Thursday, when a joint force of intelligence and special missions raided a house, searching for two wanted men who were believed to be accused of “terrorism”.

The statement stated that the nephew of one of the victims – who is his daughter-in-law at the same time – gave “false news as a result of family disputes between them, as he gave incorrect information to the security services, claiming the presence of wanted terrorists, so that his house was raided by the security services.”

A security source confirmed that the son-in-law of the head of the family holds the rank of captain in the anti-narcotics forces in Baghdad, explaining that he took advantage of his position and gave misleading information that “the victim (the father of his wife) is a drug dealer and harbors terrorists in his house.” The source pointed out that “a security force tried to arrest the victim, who works as a farmer, but he refused, and an exchange of fire took place.”

On the night of the incident, the Iraqi News Agency quoted the local security authorities in Babylon as saying in a statement that the death toll was “20 civilians”, all from the same family, and that the owner of the raided house “shot at the security force and refused to turn himself in.”

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