An increase of one million people over last year.. The population of Iraq exceeds 41 million, and Baghdad is at the fore in the governorates

The country’s population for the year 2020 reached 40 million and 150 thousand people

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning announced that the country’s population exceeded 41 million people during 2021, an increase of about one million people over the previous year.

The ministry said in a statement published yesterday, Monday, that “the estimates of Iraq’s population for the year 2021 amounted to 41,190,658 people.”

The statistic came to 20 million 810 thousand and 479 males (51% of the total population), while the number of females was estimated at 20 million and 380 thousand and 20 (49% of the population), according to the statement.

The statement indicated that the estimates of the urban population of Iraq amounted to 28 million and 779 thousand and 201 people for the year 2021, at a rate of 69.9% of the total population.

He pointed out that “estimates showed that the capital, Baghdad, constituted the highest population of the provinces for the year 2021, with an estimated population of 8,870,422 people, a rate of 21.3% of the total population, while Al-Muthanna Governorate (south) was the least populous of the governorates by about 880. thousand people, at a rate of 2.1%.

The latest estimated figures announced by the Ministry of Planning in January of last year stated that the country’s population for the year 2020 amounted to 40 million and 150 thousand people, distributed by 50.5% for men and 49.5% for women.

According to previous estimates issued by the Iraqi government, the country’s population reached more than 37 million people during 2017.

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