He ruled out the hypothesis of targeting it..the occupation army is ignorant of the reasons for the crash of a military helicopter near the shores of Haifa

An Israeli military spokesman said today, Tuesday, that the causes of the crash of a military helicopter, Monday evening, off the shores of Haifa, are still unknown. The accident killed two officers and wounded a third.

In radio statements, the Israeli army spokesman, Ran Kochav, ruled out that the downing of the helicopter was the result of an attack, and he also said that the chances of an electronic attack remain weak.

The army had announced early yesterday that two officers had been killed and a third moderately wounded when a military helicopter crashed off the shores of Haifa.

The military spokesman stated to a local radio that it was not yet clear whether the control of the plane was caused by a technical malfunction, or a human error, noting that the investigations are in their infancy, and that all directions are open.

No distress signals

Kochav noted that the training helicopter fell into the water without prior communication, adding that the two pilots did not have time to send distress signals.

And Israeli media quoted a senior air force officer as saying that the helicopter hit the water when it was close to it during training, a kilometer from the shore.

According to the military spokesman, the naval officer who survived the accident, after recovering, can benefit from an understanding of what happened.

Following the accident, the Commander of the Air Force, General Amikam Norkin, issued orders to freeze all air exercises, and to temporarily stop the use of “Ataliev” helicopters. He also formed a committee headed by a senior officer to investigate the causes of this accident, which rarely happens in the Israeli Air Force.

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