I asked for their testimony under oath .. The prosecution summons Trump and two of his sons

The New York State Prosecution announced that it had summoned former US President Donald Trump, his son Donald Jr. and his daughter Ivanka, to hear their statements under oath, as witnesses, as part of an investigation on suspicion of tax fraud.

And the prosecution said yesterday, Monday, that the State Attorney General Letitia James deposited in the New York State Supreme Court a memorandum requesting to hear the statements of the three witnesses, as part of the wide-ranging investigation that began in March 2019 to determine whether the “Trump Organization” – which is A holding group owned by the former president and his family – involved in tax fraud.

“Despite the many attempts by the Trump Organization to delay our investigation, our questions will be answered, and the truth will be revealed because no one is above the law,” a spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said.

And the “Washington Post” newspaper said on the seventh of last December that New York State Attorney General Leticia James asked Donald Trump to come personally to her office after the expiration of a month – that is, on the seventh of this January – to make his statement In this case, a news that was not confirmed by any official source at the time.

On December 20, the former Republican president filed a complaint against the attorney general affiliated with the Democratic Party, accusing her of conducting her investigation with political motives.

In a statement Monday, Trump family lawyers accused the attorney general of running this investigation in a manner that constitutes a “threat to our democracy,” including a “violation of basic constitutional rights.”

About 3 years ago, the attorney general of the state of New York suspected that the Trump Organization fraudulently overvalued some of its properties when it applied for bank loans, and underestimated those same properties in documents it turned in to the tax authorities, in order to pay lower taxes.

In October 2020, the attorney general heard from Eric Trump, the second son of the Republican billionaire and the vice president of the Trump Organization.

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