Iraq… “robot messages” targeting US forces

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A member of the “Huqooq” movement and political analyst Abbas Al-Ardawi considered targeting the Ain Al-Assad air base and other sites belonging to the US forces and the international coalition as “liberating messages from the Iraqi people and resistance.”

Al-Ardawi added – in an interview with an episode of the program “Beyond the News” – that there are many political demands that have been going on for a long time to end the presence of US forces in Iraq.

Al-Ardawi explained that what he described as the “Iraqi Islamic resistance forces” are responsible for these attacks targeting US forces, and have announced their adoption of the attacks “in revenge for the blood of the martyrs.”

The Security Media Cell in Iraq had said that the international coalition forces at Ain Al-Assad Air Base, Anbar Governorate, were able to shoot down two drones with the “Seram” defense system, before they reached the base without causing any losses.

At a time when Iraq is groping its way towards arranging a new political stage in light of the balances that resulted from the legislative elections in the country, the attack that was planned to target the Ain Al-Asad air base came to remind observers of the Iraqi issue of the mined link between the security, political and diplomatic relations in Mesopotamia.

Weapon Confinement

For his part, the head of the Baghdad Center for Strategic Studies and International Relations, Manaf al-Moussawi, said that the Sadrist movement supports the expulsion of American forces from Iraq, but it differs with other political forces in how to remove these forces, given the existence of a strategic dialogue between the Iraqi government and these forces, which came initially at an Iraqi request. , indicating that the Iraqi parliament returned to request the departure of these forces.

Al-Moussawi added that the proposals presented by the Sadrist movement include “restricting the resistance’s weapon to the Popular Mobilization Institution” so that there are no multiple arms-bearing parties in the country.

A few days ago, the Victoria base for logistical support for the US forces at Baghdad International Airport was bombed by two drones, in the context of successive attacks, which made the international forces mobilize the units in the targeted bases from this wave of attacks in anticipation of others.

An Iraqi security source had announced that an explosive device targeted a convoy of trucks of the US-led international coalition south of Baghdad, without causing any casualties, and this is the third attack of its kind on coalition interests in Iraq.

These attacks come simultaneously from the threat of Iraqi armed factions close to Iran to target foreign forces in the country, after they questioned the announcement of their withdrawal and the transformation of their functions to advisory, starting at the beginning of this year.

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