“S Blade” and its distinctive technology .. Why Tesla cars outperform their competition?

The Tesla S Plaid is the fastest in its class, currently holding a quarter-mile (400m) record in 9 seconds, outperforming previous Tesla models with a 0-60 mph acceleration per hour (0-100 km/h) in less than two seconds, according to the company.

Although the electric car is expensive, it is much less expensive than its competitors and can outperform them in terms of performance.

What is the secret of this distinction from Tesla in the field of electric cars?

Strength in energy

The new Model S uses the 18650 battery, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery used in previous generations of the S and X, instead of the company’s current 2170 batteries used in the Model 3 and Y. .

Tesla is still improving and innovating its own battery technology, which is why the Model S Blade may be The last Tesla used an 18650 battery, The company is focusing its efforts on mastering the mass production of its previously announced 4680 battery, which is more powerful and cheaper to produce than its predecessors.

“Right now, we have a situation that’s kind of like a Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor, where there are many flavors,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during a conference call about Tesla’s second-quarter earnings in July. We also have a lot of chemicals, and it’s like we’ve got 36 types of batteries at this point.”

The Model S Blade battery pack is more energy-dense than the Model Y, although the larger cells contain 50 percent more power per unit. The Blade’s battery is more energy-dense than the Model S, due to the size difference between the 18650 and the 2170.

battery management system

Tesla also uses the updated Blade battery management system that it currently uses on the Model 3 and Y. The new S model features an innovative battery thermal management system with a new and improved coolant and heat pump, which Musk announced at the unveiling of the car.

Since packing excess power into a smaller battery raised safety concerns, Tesla had to reduce the number of units in the updated battery pack from 16 to just 5 to ensure safety.

This safety measure also helped the new Model S to be lighter and more energy-intensive than the previous model.

Tesla’s move underscores that improving existing technologies is just as important as creating new ideas and inventions.

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