Strange and special occasions in 2022.. A day for cricket racing and another for playing the bagpipe

The United Nations has designated more than 100 international days since its founding. These special days and occasions vary between “Ocean Day” on 8 June, “International Day of Peace” on 21 September, and “Human Rights Day” on 10 December. December, and many other exciting days.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations World Days “represent important aspects of human life and history” and provide us with an opportunity to organize activities related to the idea of ​​each world day. Here are some days that will help make the period between January and March even more special.

Museum selfies help spread online (German)

Selfie Museums

The day was made possible by the digital innovator, Mar Dixon, a specialist in cultural affairs, who launched “International Museum Selfie Day” in 2014.

Since then, the day is celebrated on the third Wednesday in January every year. Anyone can take part in its activities, from museum visitors to museum curators.

Dixon’s idea is to help museums get more online by getting people to post selfies of themselves from inside the museum, using the hashtag #museumselfie and writing the image rights.

It is noteworthy that the day, which began as a campaign on Twitter, is now expanding on Instagram as well, by publishing more than 95,000 selfies from museums, from all over the world.

Australians deal with cockroaches that spread everywhere without worry (German)

cockroach racing

Australia’s National Day is celebrated each January with a program that includes community barbecues, parades and the legendary ‘Australia Day Regatta’ in Sydney Harbour. Meanwhile, Perth holds the country’s largest fireworks display.

However, things are even more unusual at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane, where the 39th edition of the “Cockroach Racing Gold Cup” is due to take place this year.

While Australians treat the ubiquitous cockroaches and life in general without worry, the date of Australia Day is controversial. Today marks the anniversary of the arrival of the “First Fleet” and the raising of the British flag by Arthur Philip on January 26, 1788, which led to the suppression of the indigenous people, their extermination and the confiscation of their property.

Indigenous groups in the country refer to January 26 as the “Day of Survival”.

Portrait of the Poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877). Private Collection. (Photo by Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)The “Runberg Prize” honors Finnish literature on February 5 every year (Getty Images)

Ronberg’s Day

The flag is raised in honor of the Finnish-Swedish national poet, Johann Ludwig Runeberg, born on February 5, 1804. The “Runberg Prize” is awarded in honor of outstanding Finnish literature, on February 5 each year.

A day of cricket racing, a day of bagpipes, and other strange and fun days await in 2022Ronberg cake is traditionally served in Finland on February 5 (German)

Planning a solo vacation

In light of the prospects of completing the imposition of closures to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus soon, there is nothing more beautiful than the ability to plan travel trips again. This includes individual excursions, which are celebrated annually on the first of March.


International Bagpipe Day

And it’s a wonderful day that celebrates a great musical instrument: in 2012 the British Bagpipe Society declared 10 March each year to be International Bagpipe Day. It is noteworthy that the “bagpipe” is a pneumatic instrument played by blowing inside a large leather bag that stores air and transfers it to a wooden tube with 9 holes.

What some may not realize is that the bagpipe is not only widespread across the Scottish Highlands, nor was it invented by the Scots, as the eccentric musical instrument did not reach Scotland until the 14th century. Currently, the bagpipe is played all over the world. the scientist.

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