Targeting employers and resident workers..a human rights campaign in Qatar to promote awareness of workers’ rights


Doha – The National Human Rights Committee in Qatar launched the “Together We Work” campaign, which aims to enhance human rights awareness at the national level, and the need for cooperation to consolidate knowledge of workers’ rights and duties, and to spread a culture of human rights in general.

The campaign targets employers and workers residing in the State of Qatar of both sexes, to make them aware of their rights guaranteed to them by the Qatari constitution and affirmed by the labor law, and was reinforced by international human rights conventions ratified by the state, especially in light of the legal amendments in Qatari legislation, which confirmed the protection of workers’ rights .

The campaign, which will last for a month, focuses on the need to define the legal and actual obstacles that prevent employers and workers from enjoying their rights, and to win the support of the Qatari community for efforts to promote and protect labor rights, as well as to strengthen the role of companies in solving problems that prevent workers from actually exercising their duties.

The campaign clarifies the rights and duties of workers in Qatar (Al-Jazeera)

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Abdullah Ali Al-Mahmoud, Director of Public Relations and Media at the National Human Rights Committee in Qatar, stressed the importance of this campaign as it targets an important segment of society that plays a major role in advancing the development process in the country.

He said that the National Human Rights Committee attaches great importance to the issues of workers and employers alike, with the aim of consolidating human rights principles and translating them on the ground in various fields of work, and contributing to overcoming obstacles that prevent all parties from enjoying full and undiminished rights.

Al-Mahmoud pointed out that the “Together We Work” campaign focuses on important axes, including all aspects related to workers and employers, which will be introduced, discussed and discussed by specialists.

Abdullah Ali Al-Mahmoud - Confirms that the campaign targets an important class in society Confirms that the campaign targets an important class in societyAl-Mahmoud stressed that the campaign targets an important class in society and plays a major role in advancing the development process in the country (Al-Jazeera)

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Al-Mahmoud believes that the Qatari Labor Law guarantees all the professional and social rights of workers, as well as the rights of employers in accordance with a contractual relationship between the two parties.

And he pointed out that Qatari legislation, which is in line with international conventions and treaties, confirms that the relationship between workers and employers is based on social justice, pointing to the laws recently issued by the State of Qatar to protect workers, for example the minimum wage law, the abolition of exit permits and methods of settling labor disputes.

The health axis will be present during the first week of the campaign, while the second week will focus on an axis related to working hours and rest times. In the third week, the axis of adequate housing will be addressed, and the concluding week will focus on the axis of occupational safety.

According to the plan, the “Together We Work” campaign will carry out awareness and educational lectures regarding the rights of workers and employers in their places, and media materials will be issued and distributed including “posters” (posters), brochures, awareness films, short messages via mobile phone, articles, reports and television programmes, in addition to organizing Awareness activities in a number of factories, Qatar Red Crescent centers and other places where workers are located.

Round tables will also be held to discuss the conditions of workers and their enjoyment of their rights with the embassies, so that the committee requests to provide it with their observations on improving the workers’ situation, as well as with economists, academics, company representatives, media professionals, international organizations and other relevant authorities.

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