The US Army hunts marches.. Watch the new policeman “Dron Hunter” in the sky


Sky Police Drone Hunter is a drone built by Fortem Technologies to stalk other drones, as its name suggests.

Artificial intelligence supports the new path as it is guided by radar to capture its target, firing a network on the other path and dragging it to a secure deposit location. This action does not result in significant collateral damage to the victim’s march.

After a series of evaluations with the US Army, the operational evaluation of the Drone Hunter was ready, says Jim Hausinger, vice president of program management at Fortem Technologies. The software update enabled the company to make some of the changes the military had requested, including toughening their targeting algorithms. He added that the last test had a higher performance rate than the previous one.

The Drone Hunter successfully defeated a group of fixed-wing Group 1 unmanned aerial vehicles, small systems with a maximum weight of 20 lb (9.1 kg) during a recent US Army test in Arizona.

This march was fully integrated with the Army’s fully autonomous air defense command and control system FAAD C2, which was designed to intercept and capture threat drones and stow them in a secure designated landing area.

Artificial intelligence supports “Drone Hunter” and is directed by radar to hunt down its target (Fortime Technologies) (Websites)

The “Drone Hunter” succeeded in accepting orders and engaging in the test using various radars in the fixed location of the army, and through an integrated system of small drones, as it succeeded in engaging and neutralizing the targets.

During testing, the Drone Hunter engaged fixed-wing and rotary-wing targets of varying speeds, size, altitude, and flight characteristics on operationally dangerous missions with a high probability of killing.

Fortem Technologies has worked closely with the Army’s Office of Rapid Capabilities over the past two years as part of their anti-drone program. And “Drone Hunter” provides a solution for unmanned aircraft in violation.

“This test is further evidence that the Drone Hunter is capable of overcoming drone threats in a rigorous combat environment,” Fortem Technologies’ Vice President of Program Management said in a press release after the test.

“With full integration into the FAD C2 program, operators can use the Drone Hunter as a defensive weapon against a wide range of small drone threats, a threat that is of prime concern to US military commanders. The system is 24/7 ready for immediate nighttime action.” day, or with limited visibility without a pilot, it is a very effective tool against threats.”

As drones crowd the sky, countermeasures are being taken, such as no-flying over places. When necessary, countermeasures are used to block curious drones. Some counter techniques include shooting the unwanted march with an automatic rifle.

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