Tichy is supposed to pay compensation for statements made about Sawsan Chebli

After misogynist statements about her in a magazine, the Berlin SPD politician Sawsan Chebli won compensation for pain and suffering. The Berlin district court ruled that the 43-year-old’s journalist Roland Tichy had to pay 10,000 euros, as Chebli’s lawyer Christian Schertz and a court spokesman said on Tuesday (Az 27 O 195/21). In response to a written request, Tichys Verlag initially did not comment on the judgment or on possible further action.

In a column in the monthly Tichy’s insight an author wrote about Chebli’s candidacy for the Bundestag using a sexist formulation. The article published in September 2020 caused a stir nationwide because of this choice of words. Various personalities publicly showed their solidarity with Chebli, who was State Secretary for Civic Commitment and International Affairs in the Berlin Senate Chancellery until December 2021. The then state minister for digital in the federal government, Dorothee Bär (CSU), terminated her membership in the Ludwig-Erhard-Stiftung in protest against Tichy. A little later, Tichy gave up the chairmanship of the foundation.

In earlier proceedings, Chebli had already obtained a cease and desist from Tichy. “It was important to me to set an example here too and to show that sexism must never be normal and that it does not remain without consequences,” she said of the new decision of the dpa regional court on December 16. Her lawyer Schertz said: “It is to be welcomed that the German judiciary is making it clear that it is not only countering brutalization, hatred and defamation with injunctive relief, but also with monetary compensation.” The court had emphasized that the statements in the contribution were a violation of human dignity and a serious violation of personal rights. The court spokesman gave no further details. The written grounds for the judgment are not yet available. Appeals against the judgment at the higher court are possible.

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