Twins born in California with different birth dates, one 2021 and the other 2022

Natividad Medical Center in Monterey County, California, announced the birth of an American twin during the years 2021 and 2022, separated by only 15 minutes.

The center said – in a post on Facebook – “Aileen Yolanda Trujillo entered the world exactly at midnight on Saturday, the first of January, which made her the first child to be born in Natividad Medical Center and Monterrey County in 2022.”

“Her twin brother, Alfredo Antonio Trujillo, was born first at 11:45 pm on December 31, 2021,” she added.

She explained that Eileen weighs more than 5 pounds, while her brother Alfredo weighs more than 6 pounds, noting that the birth of twins in this way has a chance of 1 in 2 million cases.

Mother Fatima Madrigal said – in statements to the hospital – “It is amazing for me that they are twins and have different birthdays, I was surprised and delighted that they arrived in the middle of the night.”

Mother Fatima Madrigal carrying her child and his sister in bed (communication sites)

“This was definitely one of the most memorable deliveries of my career,” said Dr. Anna April Arias.

“It has been my absolute pleasure to help these youngsters get here safely in 2021 and 2022. What a great way to start the new year,” she added.

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