53 million infected, and the number is doubling rapidly.. America is normalizing with the Corona virus during 2022

Washington- With the advent of spring, the number of deaths due to infection with the Covid-19 virus among Americans will reach one million. The United States has not known throughout its history this huge number of deaths, despite the fierce civil war between its north and south in the mid-19th century, and participation in the two world wars during the first half of the 20th century.

But with the start of 2022, amid a wide spread of the virus and its new mutant, “Omicron,” many citizens and specialists expect Americans to adapt to living next to Corona.

Despite the increase in infections and deaths during the last days of 2021, it seems that the United States will achieve success in its battle against the Corona virus during 2022, as reflected in the following questions and answers:

Medicines provided by Pfizer to counter the effects of infection with the Corona virus (European Press Agency)

What do public health experts think of the high infection rates, even among vaccinated people?

Public health experts believe that the United States is finally starting to win its battle against the Corona virus because of one and exclusive weapon, which is vaccines.

Vaccines have proven to be very effective, as data collected by the New York Times reveals that more than 90% of patients who receive in-hospital treatment due to infection with the Corona virus, its mutated or micron virus, did not receive the vaccine.

In recent weeks, infections with Omicron have increased, but with fewer admissions to hospitals for treatment of infection with the virus, and fewer people who need intensive care rooms as well.

Will Americans’ lives change despite the wide rise in injuries?

By the start of 2022, most Americans expect their lifestyle to stabilize in a way different from what they knew before the spread of COVID-19. That became the acceptable price to pay for living with a contagious virus and it hasn’t settled yet.

Corona prompted the adoption of many technological transformations, such as remote shopping and working from home, which have become at the heart of daily routine activities.

The experience of the past two years proved that Americans’ dreams of returning to their previous life had faded, and they began preparing for new patterns in their daily lives that had become “normal” due to the virus.

Most Americans today accept the custom of wearing masks, conducting tests, keeping a certificate of vaccination, and closing in exceptional circumstances.

Can the virus be completely eradicated in the future?

The World Health Organization confirms that humans have not succeeded in completely eradicating a virus except in one exceptional case, which is the “smallpox virus.” Otherwise, societies have coexisted with the rest of the epidemics and diseases.

What is the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 so far?

820,000 Americans died from the virus, which is the largest percentage among all countries in the world, and the average number of deaths per day was 1,160 during the last week of 2021.

This number is double what the average death rate was last May, but it also represents a significant decline from the average death rate during December 2020 and January 2021, when it reached nearly 3,000 deaths per day.

What is the average number of daily injuries during the last week of December 2021?

The daily average of infections reached nearly 232 thousand, which is a very high number due to the widespread, rapid and easy spread of the “Omicron” mutant, especially with the advent of winter, birthdays and New Year’s celebrations.

Great demand for Corona tests among Americans, with the widespread spread of the virus in recent weeks (European News Agency)

Why do Americans rush to get tests for the virus, and how many infections are there?

The easy spread of the “Omicron” mutant was accompanied by a state of panic that first hit the media, after it mistakenly assumed that the dangers of the virus’ spread had disappeared.

About 1.24 million people tested positive for the virus on December 27, including 190,000 positive cases, or an estimated 15.3%, an increase of 59% over the average figures for the previous week.

How many hospitalized patients, and how many of them are in the intensive care rooms?

Data from The Washington Post indicate that there were more than 76,000 injured in the last week of December 2021 in hospitals due to corona-related repercussions, of whom 16,739 were in intensive care rooms, or 21.8%.

How many Americans have received vaccinations?

By the end of 2021, 62%, or about 203 million Americans, will have received the vaccine, which is a limited percentage among developed Western countries, due to the politicization of the vaccine issue by Democrats and Republicans, the decentralization of the health care system, and the spread of skeptical conspiracy theories about vaccines.

Americans consumed nearly 501 million doses of vaccine, according to John Hopkins University data, and Vermont (voting Democrats) came first with a vaccination rate of 77%, while Idaho (voting Republican) came at the bottom of the states with a vaccination rate of only 46%.

Do the numbers indicate a decrease in the number of HIV infections?

On the contrary, with the outbreak and spread of “Omicron”, the percentage of infections among Americans who are being tested for the virus increased significantly, reaching 15.3%, after the rate was 9.5% in November 2020, and 3.2% in March 2021.

However, there is still an obvious problem: about 38% (124 million) of the US population has not yet been vaccinated. This leaves millions of citizens at stake, as it allows the virus to continue penetrating new areas, especially states where the proportion of vaccine recipients is low.

How can the future of COVID-19 infections be envisioned?

Specialists liken the fate of the Covid-19 virus to the well-known influenza virus that is spreading around the world. It affects between 9 and 40 million people annually in the United States, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control.

Between 140,000 and 810,000 are required to be hospitalized, while influenza kills approximately 61,000 Americans annually.

What are the rates and numbers of infection with the Covid-19 virus until the end of 2021?

The United States has surpassed all countries in the world in the total number of infections with the Covid-19 virus, and data from Johns Hopkins University indicate that 53 million cases of the virus have been recorded among Americans, which means a rate of infections of 16.4%.

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