He said it was a brotherhood plot.. The Egyptian police stopped Tawfiq Okasha before he traveled to the Emirates

Cairo- after absence; Controversial Egyptian journalist Tawfiq Okasha returned to the forefront of the Egyptian scene after he was arrested at Cairo Airport before he traveled to the UAE before the police released him later.

Sources at Cairo Airport told “Masrawy” that Okasha’s arrest came at the request of “one of the parties”, which included him on the lists of people banned from leaving the country.

The Egyptian prosecutor later announced the release of the Egyptian journalist, after he was arrested at Cairo Airport pending judicial rulings issued against him for alimony for his divorced Reda Al-Kardawi, after investigating him on those issues, and submitting an opposition (judicial appeal) to the judgments issued against him.

No reconciliation

Reda El-Kardawy, Okasha’s ex-wife, said that after his arrest at Cairo Airport yesterday, Tuesday; He asked her to reconcile, but she would not and will not waive the provisions that she had obtained, she said.

Al-Kardawi explained that she had obtained judgments against him with an “expenditure” of about 900 thousand pounds, noting that many people intervened – earlier – to urge her to reconcile, but she refused, noting that she was waiting for some kind of rehabilitation after she was subjected to many abuses on his part, according to her description.

Abu Trika and the Brotherhood conspiracy

Interestingly, Okasha, who was famous for provoking controversy and often departing from the norm, said in an audio message after his release that what happened to him today was orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, through some administrative staff in a number of institutions, who are considered Brotherhood sleeper cells in some institutions. .

Okasha added that these cells wanted to take advantage of his name and present wrong files to take action against him and leak the procedure to the media, noting that he discovered this conspiracy, and that the Brotherhood would not be able to cause confusion through him, he said.

Okasha claimed that the information circulating about his arrest at Cairo Airport is incorrect, sending a message to all the Egyptian people that what happened was nothing but a fitna and conspiracy caused by the sleeper cells of the Brotherhood, pointing to a message he received that one of the employees caused the crisis because he Because of the Egyptian star Mohammed Abu Trika.

The Egyptian journalist affirmed that he stands behind the state agencies, led by the General Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Interior and the Armed Forces, “a steadfast stance that does not change.”

June revolution bomber

The arrest of Tawfiq Okasha, describing the matter as a Brotherhood plot, sparked a wide wave of ridicule on social media in Egypt.

Some saw that what happened to Tawfiq Okasha – who called himself “the bomber of the June 30 revolution”, days before the army’s intervention in 2013 to oust elected President Mohamed Morsi, led by Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who later assumed the presidency – is only part of a conflict between Various wings within the country, especially with linking it to the recent events, including the statements of Alaa Mubarak, son of the late president, and the leaks of businessman Fikri Al-Hawari.

Some saw the incident as a new attempt to distract public opinion from the ongoing economic and social crises facing the Egyptian citizen.

Source : Egyptian media + Social Media

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