Indian Muslim women “for sale” at auction.. the latest findings of Hindu extremists

Spreading hatred against Muslims by any means is a task of the Hindu political movement; Its activists – from time to time – publish on social media platforms strange things, such as their claim that Muslims are spreading the Corona virus in India as part of an Islamic plan against India, or that Muslim neighborhoods, religious schools and mosques are dens of terrorist organizations, or that Muslims are spies for Pakistan.

Previously, they spread these lies timidly by publishing anonymous pamphlets that did not bear the name of the author or publisher, or they were sending anonymous letters to newspapers and authorities.

But these elements were encouraged and came out in public after Narendra Modi came to power in May 2014; She began to tell, publish and broadcast with complete freedom whatever lies she liked about Muslims, Christians and their opponents, and the authorities do not punish them, even if the people and human rights organizations submitted reports to the police and complained to the officials.

Indian Muslim women are up for grabs, especially educated women who work in journalism, politics or academia.

And last Eid al-Adha – in July 2021 – the Sullideal application on the GitHub platform held an auction for the sale of 80 Indian Muslim women journalists, human rights activists and pilots.

The word “Sully” is a word of slander and slander, like the new nickname “Bulli Bai.” The two words were invented to degrade the status of Muslim women, and both are feminine of the word “Mullah” used by the extremists to degrade the Indian Muslim. It is an increase in derogation, as it is used to refer to domestic workers.

Several communications were directed against the “Sully” application in several cities last July, and the matter did not exceed the closure of that application, as no one was arrested or cases were filed against anyone in the courts, while if even a whisper was issued against the Prime Minister or senior officials in His government will arrest the official within hours, and all charges will be brought against him, including the charge of “terrorism”, so that the accused does not get out of prison on bail; Because bail is difficult in “terrorism” cases.

After Narendra Modi came to power in May 2014, the Hindu campaigns against Muslims, Christians and their opponents (European) began

Demands to punish the perpetrators

The Hindu extremists were encouraged after their previous auction, so they prepared a new application called “Bullideals” and launched it in the year 2022 on the same platform, and included the names and pictures of 100 Indian Muslim women working in the press, politics and human rights.

Accordingly, an uproar was aroused, and the central government decided to close the site, and statements were issued that the government would not remain silent on this, but observers believe that these campaigns will continue and those responsible will not be harmed.

Observers wonder how the priest, Yeti Narasinganand, who declares from time to time that he will exterminate Islam from the face of the earth, was not harmed, and one of them was his announcement from the platform of the Indian Press Club in New Delhi on the third of April 2021, during which he insulted the Messenger of Islam, and this person was One of the organizers of the “Religious Parliament” in the city of Haridwar two weeks ago, which raised the slogans of extermination of the Muslims of India.

Cursing the Messenger of Islam has become a regular occurrence in the demonstrations of fanatic Hindus and their publications on social networks these days, at a time when some Islamic organizations have called for the enactment of a law criminalizing insulting the Messenger of Islam.

This time, the Bombay Police arrested an engineering student from Bangalore who promoted this site – via his Twitter account – and the Bombay Police said that a woman from Uttarkhand was behind this campaign.

Observers are not surprised by this, because the Bombay Police belong to the state of Maharashtra, which is currently governed by a party opposed to the Indian People’s Party, which governs India at the level of the central government.

The heads of 5 Indian women’s organizations have sent a letter to the President of the Indian Republic, Ram Nath Kowind, asking him to intervene to stop these cases and punish those responsible.

denounce and condemn

Several organizations and political leaders issued statements of condemnation and condemnation, but the matter – according to observers – will end there. Because the authorities will not punish those responsible.

On the other hand, the authorities deal with Muslims in a different way. A few days ago, a Muslim house was demolished by bulldozer immediately after claiming that stones were thrown at a Hindu demonstration in the state of Madhya Pradesh. .

B . is usually demolishedYot and buildings in a Kashmir is where separatist gunmen are shooting or hiding, and all of this is taking place without legal procedures.

It is also common for Muslim suspects and government opponents to file terrorism charges even in minor cases, such as a tweet that the rulers do not like or an allegation that the accused converted to a Hindu religion by temptation.

And 4 months ago, an extremist Hindu – named Kunal Sharma – published the names and phone numbers of a large number of famous Indian Muslim women, commenting, “Marry Muslim women, and you and your friends use them as public funds.”

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