Integral Ad Science is purchasing additional contextual classification and targeting technology

“Marketers need highly developed contextual targeting and avoidance solutions that offer precision and flexibility, especially since the industry is evolving towards a time without cookies,” commented Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, on the takeover. “The acquisition of Context is building our existing functions and accelerates our product roadmap, especially in the area of ​​video classification for social media and CTV applications. It also promotes our vision of offering our customers tailor-made solutions. “

Paris-based company Context offers technology that enables the classification of images and videos in various digital media, including social media platforms and Connected TV (CTV). In this respect, the takeover builds on the current functions of IAS in the areas of media classification and contextual targeting. The integration of the technology from Context should enable IAS customers to identify brand-appropriate content beyond standard settings and to carry out context-related targeting. For this purpose, the technology is integrated into the context control suite from IAS for suitability and context-related targeting solutions.

“Our technology is designed to deliver critical insights to help marketers optimize their campaigns, and we look forward to realizing the full potential of Context as part of IAS,” said Jack Habra, CEO of Context.

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