On the anniversary of the storming of Congress .. Biden will hold Trump “special responsibility” for the chaos of January 6

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Wednesday that US President Joe Biden will hold his predecessor, Donald Trump, “special responsibility” for the “chaos” of January 6 last year.

“(Biden) views what happened on January 6th as a culmination of what the four years of Trump’s rule have inflicted on our country,” Psaki said.

“President Biden is fully aware of the threat the former president poses to our democratic system,” the spokeswoman added.

Biden’s words will come during a speech marking the first anniversary of the attack by Trump supporters on the headquarters of the US Congress, delivered from inside the Capitol Building, which witnessed the events.

Asked if Biden would ever mention Trump by name, Psaki said, “We’re finalizing the speech, but I think people are aware of who he’s referring to.”

US lawmakers are still trying to bridge the deep divisions left by supporters of former President Donald Trump storming the Capitol a year ago in an attempt to prevent the endorsement of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

Withdraw from the interface

On Tuesday, Trump announced the cancellation of the press conference that was scheduled to be held tomorrow, Thursday, in Florida, to mark the anniversary of the storming of Congress.

Trump supporters storming the Capitol a year ago (Reuters)

Trump said in a statement that he will speak on January 15 at a rally in Arizona. He added that he decided to cancel this press conference “in light of the complete bias and lack of integrity” that, as he said, had been proven by both the parliamentary committee investigating the circumstances of the storming of the Congress headquarters, and the “misleading” media.

And he reiterated, without providing any evidence, that the presidential elections that he lost to President Joe Biden at the end of 2020 were marred by “fraud” operations, considering it the “crime of the century”, even though the Republican candidate gave him more than 7 million votes at the time.

Over the course of a whole year, partisan polarization dominated all the repercussions of the events of January 6, 2021, beginning with its naming, passing through Trump’s parliamentary trial, leading to the formation of an investigation committee, and ending with a contradictory vision of the investigation path.

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