Start-ups: Amzscale wants to democratize online trading

Building up and successfully managing new e-commerce brands is a challenge – especially for beginners with no experience in online trading. Amzscale not only offers you an all-round service for building and scaling brands. The Osnabrück start-up also wants to overcome one of the biggest problems when starting out in online trading: insufficient capital. Co-founder and CEO Daniel Vogler explains how the business model works in an interview.

Investing in brands instead of companies was the basic idea behind the founding of Amzscale. The start-up from Osnabrück has created a platform that supports developers and producers in branding and scaling – from the search for suppliers to the launch on Amazon.

Co-founder and CEO Daniel Vogler explains in an etailment interview how Amzscale also wants to open the e-commerce market more to private investors.

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Amzscale founders Maurice Glißmann and Daniel Vogler (from left) want to provide support in building new brands in online retail.

Let’s be honest and without any buzzwords: How would you explain the start-up to your parents?
With Amzscale we build successful brands for online trading and develop them further at the greatest possible speed. We offer entrepreneurs who want to be successful in online business an all-round service – we take care of everything from the product idea to the procurement of goods to marketing, legal, tax, internationalization and financing issues. In addition, we enable investors of all origins, including private individuals and small investors, to participate in the success of the rapidly growing online trade by acquiring shares in successful brands. So far, the entry threshold into the rapidly growing online retail market has been very high. Amzscale will reduce this to the maximum and democratize online trading in a certain way.

How do you describe your business model to a potential partner in a tweet (280 characters)?
Amzscale is the fastest growing e-commerce full-service platform that enables investors to access the e-commerce market as a passive investment and efficiently supports brands as a single-point solution for all scaling challenges.

Georg Hesse, Vice President Great Britain and Germany at Thrasio, was himself at Amazon for many years and accompanied the development of the marketplace in this country.

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Amazon-FBA-Aufkäufer Thrasio

“A purchase can be completed in four weeks”

Which companies / customers have you already won over?
We currently serve over 250 customers from DACH, UK and USA with our services. With our new office in London and the first employees on site, we are currently focusing more on expanding into Great Britain. While we also build microbrands with 3 to 5 products in our “Done4You” brand building service, we are also working more and more with institutional investors who let us develop dozens of products for several larger brand concepts.

Who would you like to do business with?
As part of the expansion of our platform, in 2022 we will work more and more with existing brands that can grow significantly faster via our platform modules such as goods financing (Capital-as-a-Service) or our token-based investment marketplace. At the same time, we are planning dozens of strategic acquisitions in the next few years, for which we are in talks with software tools and service providers in the e-commerce segment in order to obtain the best solutions for our one-stop-solution platform. We will also be active on the sales side. Here we see potential buyers of the brands in our pipeline in the major aggregators such as Thrasio and SellerX.

What was the most important finding since the start?
With Amzscale, we are creating exactly the solutions that we would have liked to have had when we established our first brands many years ago.

Daniel Vogler (33) is the co-founder and CEO of Amzscale.

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Daniel Vogler (33) is the co-founder and CEO of Amzscale.

Which number of successes are you particularly proud of?
First and foremost, I am thinking of our strong international team with over 120 e-commerce experts who are not afraid of any challenge. Shortly thereafter, the strategic partnership with Elevat3 Capital follows, who have invested a double-digit million sum in 2021 and support us in the implementation of our global vision.
What headline would you like to read about your start-up in a business newspaper in five years?
“How the German Amzscale platform helped establish e-commerce brands as a new investment asset class worldwide”

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